Pakistani Startups Inspired By Every Top Indian Startup

India’s neighbour and archrival, Pakistan has a counterpart for every top Indian startup there is, right from Flipkart to to Zomato. Pakistani startups may have a long way to go in terms of investment rounds, the look and feel of the website and app, and market penetration, the presence of these established startups is a handy reckoner of its potential. And while India is sometimes accused of following US and China models of startups, it’s in a way redeeming to say that many of India’s homegrown startups have inspired the same in its neighbour country.
Here’s a look at top 12 Pakistani startups, along with their Indian inspiration.

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5 Out Of The 6 Richest Young Indians Are Startup Founders

Amongst all the reasons quoted for starting a startup, the most common ones are “wanting to create something”, “passion to do”, and “be independent”. Very few founders would blatantly admit “to be rich” as one. However, being rich just happens to be one of the by products of a successful startup. Nine out of ten startups fail, but the ones that do sustain really rake in the moolah. And it can happen very, very quickly. So it’s no wonder that in a burgeoning startups ecosystem in India, some of the youngest richest Indians are startup founders.
Here’s the list of these startup flounders in the order of wealth and age.

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