Uber To Allow Private Car Owners To Offer Rides In Delhi

Uber isn’t going to be restricted to registered taxis in Delhi any more. Starting 16th December, private car owners will be able to offer rides to other passengers. This move has come in the wake of the Delhi government looking at ways to enable more people to commute with fewer cars after the implementation of the odd-even formula.

Rahul Yadav’s New Startup To Make Govt. Processes More Efficient

Rahul Yadav’s much vaunted startup is finally beginning to take shape. After being fired from the Housing CEO post, Yadav had taken to social media and announced that his startup would be “10x more than all Indian internet companies put together”. He’d then gone on to tantalizingly reveal bits and pieces about the details of his new venture. It had emerged then that the company would be in the data analytics space and would be called Intellignent Interfaces.

Oyo Rooms In Talks To Acquire Fierce Rival Zo Rooms

Oyo Rooms and Zo Rooms have been slugging it out for supremacy in the budget hotels space. There are, however, signs that there’s some consolidation that’s imminent in this sector. It has emerged that Oyo Rooms is interested in buying out Zo Rooms, which is scrambling to raise funds to avoid being sold.