Knodues: A Product To Record, Track And Collaborate On Expenses

If the app KnoDues has its way, the problem of recording, tracking and collaborating on shared expenses between contacts will soon be a thing of the past.
KnoDues is a smart phone app which helps the user record shared expenses, split them easily, keep a track of all their dues, remind or inform friends about the dues. The app is seamlessly integrated with the user’s phonebook, ensuring that the friends marked in the expense are updated automatically and instantly. The app’s UI & UX has been designed keeping in mind Google’s material design, thereby making the app visually appealing, easy to navigate and very simple to operate.

Paytm To Block Abusive Customers From Its Platform

Paytm had come across a problem that’s familiar to all e-commerce companies in India – customers being rude and abusive towards their support staff. But unlike other companies that believe in the customer always being right, Paytm decided to take a stand. The company has decided to block customers from their platform who are unreasonably belligerent.

Mumbai Taxis On Strike, Uber Comes Up With The Perfect Response

Uber has grown at a astonishing pace to be worth $50 billion within 6 years of its inception, but its rise has been against fearsome odds, the most prominent of which has been the resistance of traditional taxi drivers whose services they have tried to disrupt. From the US to France to India, taxi unions have attempted to thwart the cab hailing company’s rise, with mixed results.

Flipkart Issues Legal Notice To Blogger Who Started

Amit Bhawani wanted to solve a $100 billion problem that had been vexing business insiders, industry watchers and casual consumers alike. He wanted to get a handle on the e-commerce space in India and understand which of the two stalwarts, Amazon and Flipkart, was doing better. He chose a rather unconventional way to go about this. Instead of poring over balance sheets and decoding graphs with GMV figures, he went straight to the consumer – he set up