Realty BI:’s Latest Acquisition has acquired Realty BI, a Delhi based startup that deals with business intelligence in the real estate space, for Rs. 12-24 crore. This is’s second major acquisition this year, after it had snapped up Indian Real Estate Forum for Rs. 8 crore in March. Here’s a detailed look at the newest member of the Housing family.

Top Indian Startups In 2015

It’s boom-time for startups across the world. The unicorn, or a startup with a valuation greater than $1 billion (so named because it used to be as rare as the mythical creature), has now become commonplace. As of 2015, 107 companies across the world feature in this elite list.
The top startups in India in 2015 are, keeping with the times, mostly internet based companies. Mu Sigma, a Bangalore-based analytics firm, makes an interesting entry into the list.

This Startup Asked An Employee To Work For 4 Months Without Pay

Startups are seen as places where employee rights are at the forefront – there are usually no fixed working hours, no dress codes, and no unnecessary hierarchical procedures. In the past few years, people have joined the startup wave in droves, enamoured by the promise of better working conditions and more substantive work. However amidst the unstructured and disruptive environment that startups operate in, employee rights often fall by the wayside.