10 Ways To Build A Strong Relationship With Your Boss

The key to any organization’s success is a healthy and productive relationship between the boss and the employees. 

Although a company’s top priority is to have hardworking and dedicated employees, but more than a superficial connection with the employees won’t hurt, right? It will certainly increase the productivity and morale of the employees.

Of course, a strong relationship with the boss will benefit employees too. And We’re not talking about the basic heads down, “Yes, sir” routinely boss-employee relationship.

So what exactly do we mean by a strong boss-employee relationship?

Curious much? Keep reading. We are here to help you out with our 10 ways of building a strong relationship with your boss.

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Sometimes ‘later’ becomes ‘never’

Unless you’re unemployed or have your own startup, you are likely to have a boss. For many employees, this connection is a structural part of their careers – Staying out of the way, just keeping the head low, and getting the work done cannot be considered a good boss-employee relationship. Undoubtedly, the employee must get the job done. But it is crucial to be seen and be successful.

“Do it now what you need to do.” The best way to build a strong relationship with your boss is to show them your productive and motivated side. Don’t hesitate to share your creative and useful ideas with your boss if they can work in favor of your company.


Thank your boss

“Make your boss happy, and if they are happy, you’ll be happy.” You can please your boss using different ways, be it your work, offer to help in their work, or choose appropriate gifts for your boss. In 1958, a woman named Patricia from the United States registered October 16 to be named “National Boss’s Day.” Many appreciative employees take full advantage of this opportunity to thank their boss’ for their motivation, support, guidance, and encouragement. You should also look for considerate gift ideas for your boss if you plan to improve your relationship with him/her on this Boss’s Day.


Communication – Do’s & Don’ts

“Relationships cannot grow without the proper amount of communication.” – Unknown,

Your relationship with your boss should be like with someone you are going to be in touch for the rest of your life. You never know what role are they going to play in your future. Don’t hang in confusion, and the ideal solution is to have a clear conversation about how your boss likes to communicate. 

Great communication at the workplace among team members and with the boss increases the organization’s productivity. Ask your boss how often he want to get status updates, how many details he wants you to mention, communicate regularly but efficiently. The less your boss has to focus on your tasks, the more he trusts you in accomplishing those tasks. 


Take the Initiative

How you get along and work with your boss, how much you trust and understand each other’s capabilities can have a strong effect on your long-term career goals. Taking the first initiative does not mean neglecting your basic responsibilities towards your work. Rather, it is best to look for challenges that enhance your competency, confidence, and skills, eventually benefitting the company. 

A good boss always tries to motivate his employees, but your boss doesn’t need to take the first step all the time. Being resourceful and putting extra effort are all positive techniques for strengthening your daily interaction with your boss. You can start by asking your boss questions like, “What’s one thing I could do differently?” “What can I do to make you more successful?”


Dream about Success

“Don’t wait for the praise and be confident in your abilities,” stick to this rule and keep progressing in your work life. Look for the opportunities to prove your abilities and competitive nature. A strong relationship with your boss plays a significant role in the advancement prospect of your career. The more he knows your capabilities, work ethic, and work, the more likely you will be chosen for future responsibilities. These are a few of the strategies to adopt to get your boss to support your professional development initiatives and goals. 


Do the Basics

Be efficient but never forget your basics, and one of the most basic yet crucial things you can do is to be punctual. Always show up for work on time. Your boss needs to know whether or not they can count on you. This act alone can make a great impression on your boss and eventually will make your relationship stronger. Be a good team member and participate in group meetings. Inform as much early as possible if you’re going to take some days off work. Bosses prefer reliable and consistent employees who they know will not take advantage of their time. 


Be Respectful

The key to a healthy and strong relationship with your boss is to give respect to their decisions and opinions. “The right conversation held at the wrong time can be harmful.” If you have a different opinion than your boss, never highlight that in front of other team members. Think of the ways to make your boss look great. An employee engagement survey conducted in 2013 revealed that most employees said their coworkers cause more stress than their boss. Happy work life is guaranteed if you have a strong connection with your boss and other employees.


Don’t Fake it

Doing what you stated leaves a great impression of your ability on the supervisors. If you make promises, follow through on them. “Honesty is the best policy” applies in every aspect of life. Always remain true to your work and be a dedicated employee. “Never promise what you can’t do”- a lack of fulfillment will affect your credibility. Your objective should not be to become best friends with your boss. Instead, emphasize on making a good relationship with your boss. Here are some of the exciting ways to be successful at your job


Ask for Feedback

Feedback and advice can never go wrong – frequently ask your boss for their feedback on your submitted work or a project you proposed. Ask them questions like “How can I do better?” Consider your boss as your supervisor and mentor, and you, as an employee, should encourage this. Always remain open for a conversation about your work and abilities. A good relationship with your boss ensures your happiness at work. 


Be Consistent

Be consistent in your approach. It will help you to be highly focused and productive at work. To complete a task efficiently, you need to be fully focused on it. Try to maintain your performance and work quality so that your boss can see your potential. Keep your promises, commit what you stated, manage your responsibilities, provide timely updates and details, meet deadlines, and be punctual. These are some of the crucial tips that work if you want to build a strong relationship with your supervisor.

Relationships take time to work, comprising the one between an employee and the boss. Converse often, clear confusions and misunderstandings, be respectful, remain loyal and consistent, meet the expectations, and you will be on your way to a strong mutual relationship. 

What are the other positive ways you follow to improve your connection with your boss? How do you communicate with your supervisor when things are not going smoothly? What tips can you share that will ensure a happy working life? Feel free to use our comment section. We would be happy to hear from you.