24 Most Creative Business Cards You’ve Ever Seen

Even though the usage of business cards has been coming down over the years, what with the more convenient option of  virtual business cards, the traditional practice and the benefits of handing a card to that new prospect or contact at the business event holds true.

But when was the last time you got a business card that you didn’t quickly glance at and pushed into a back pocket only to be ruthlessly crumpled up and binned later? If you’re especially in a creative business, a creative card can also double up as a mini-portfolio of your USP.

Here are some of the most creative business cards that clearly seem to believe in the tenet “Show it, don’t say it”.

These might tempt you to bring the dying art of a good business card back into this side of the century.

Quick Business Card Tip: It is considered to rude to receive a business card and stash it away without reading the content.


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