Top Brands Are Dropping A, B & O From Their Names For This Cause

Timely blood donation and matching blood groups can be the difference between life and death during times of emergencies and distress and this campaign seeks to evoke the people around the world to acknowledge the issue and do their bit.
NHS Blood and Transplant and London-based PR agency Engine Group have launched the #MissingType campaign, in which the three letters that signify blood types are disappearing from familiar landmarks and brands. The campaign, which kicked off last year in UK last year has now taken off around the world including in the US, Australia, Dublin and Canada.

This Indian Tea Company Sent 6000 Teabags To Cleanse Trump

That Donald Trump is made of the stuff that embodies virality wasn’t lost on Teate Teas, a Kolkata based tea company from India. The company pulled a Trump card to cash in on Trump’s popularity ( Or the unpopularity) with a viral stunt. The company sent a total of 6000 tea bags purported to “cleanse trump” to the Trump Towers in New York. And this wasn’t done closed doors. The gesture was orchestrated with an elaborate stunt, complete with 2 Sari clad reps from the company who can seen pulling a trolley full of the tea bags across the city, getting sound bites from on-lookers, and of course with due focus on the core benefits of the tea.

How Indian Startups Showcased Their Product Brilliantly This Father’s Day

Festivals and special days are becoming an opportunity for Indian brands to not only showcase their quirky, innovate side but also integrate their product into the campaign. While many companies, especially startups, post a message or do an ad, some go all out and pull off elaborate campaigns to celebrate the occasion day. Fathers’ Day celebrated on June 19th, has also become a festival that warrants those campaigns.

We did a round up of the best of Fathers’ day campaigns this year.