5 Ways To Unwind While In Office

It’s been a stressful day at work, and it’s not even lunch yet. You’ve endured a tough meeting with your boss, you’ve dealt with some unhelpful coworkers, and that bug you were trying to find in your code has proved to be frustratingly elusive. You feel like giving up, but don’t despair — there are ways you can unwind at work. These tricks will leave you feeling refreshed, and enable you to once again be productive at whatever you were trying to do. Here’s some ways to unwind when you’re in office.


  1. Take a walk: It’s not something that immediately strikes people, but it can work wonders. Sitting upright at your desk can be exhausting, and moving around for a bit will help you clear your mind and give yourself a fresh perspective. It works even better if you can step out of your office for a bit to do so, and helps you burn some calories to boot.
  2. Talk to a coworker: This works best if you already have some friends at work, but even if you aren’t particularly close to someone, go up to them for a chat. You’ll be surprised to learn how willing they might be willing to chat, and hearing about their day and their job will help you take your mind off whatever’s bothering you.
  3. Play an online game: While it’s usually a good idea to step away from your work computer when you’re trying to unwind, there are several online games than can help you relax. These games can be simple flash games that test your reflexes, a slightly more complex game on a PS4 (several offices have Playstations and XBoxes).
  4. Listen to a podcast: Podcasts are exploding at the moment, and there’s a podcast for literally any topic you might be interested in. Download any podcast player, type in a topic you might be interested in, and boom, you’ll be able to spend time away from the rigors of work. What’s even better is that with your headphones, your coworkers don’t even need to know you’re listening to a podcast instead of working on the spreadsheet you were supposed to be working on.
  5. Exercise: While it might not be possible to jump into a gym in the middle of the workday, there are several simple exercises you can do at your desk. You can do stretches, some twists, and some simple lifts while you’re sitting in your office chair, and once you’re done, you’ll be fresh as a daisy, and ready to take on your work pile again.