Engineering Graduates Across India Desperately Wait For Their Dates Of Joining

Prominent tech companies land up at college campuses every year, conduct rigorous interviews and tests, and thousands of delighted students are selected for their new professional roles. But the story doesn’t end there. What companies typically issue at these college campuses are Letters of Intent – which are essentially job offers, but they come with a caveat – they don’t specify when the selected students will be required to join these companies and start their professional lives. A lucky few get their Dates of Joining, or DOJs, right after graduating, which ensures a seamless transition from college life to the real world. But there are a large group of students who are kept on hold until business requirements dictate that they be brought on board. In a bleak economic environment, this wait can extend for months.

In the beginning, most students think of this as a welcome break before their professional lives start. But as the waiting period mounts, frustration starts setting in. Here are a collection of reactions we picked from Facebook.



It’s hard to get your impending job out of your minds when you’re sitting at home all day.



Some people can’t seem to take the relentless questioning by their near and dear ones.



And it’s not just the near and dear ones. Everyone around you starts wondering why you haven’t started work yet.



Some people seem to on the verge of giving up.



While others are more optimistic.



Some manage to achieve a Zen-like calm through the ordeal.



While others try to find humour in the situation.





However the creative ones get working on memes.

doj meme


To the thousands of (ex?) students still waiting for their DOJ, don’t despair – DOJ’s coming. 🙂

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