How To Balance Your Life

Your career is going down, and your health is getting affected, you are having problems in your family and relationships, and you are doing nothing about it except feeling guilty for not fulfilling your responsibilities and sulking, and nothing is changed in fact the situation gets out of control and worse with time.

You feel inactive, dull, and lifeless and seek solace in things like social networking sites like Facebook and watching T.V or hanging out with your friends all the time. You sleep at 2 pm or so at night and wake up at 10 am in the morning, and you still don’t feel like getting out of your bed and do some productive work.


  • Your work is pending and piled up, and you are getting tantrums from your parents and teachers. No one gives attention to you at your work, and you feel left out. You don’t realize that such a routine is rotting your personality. 
  • You will enjoy watching TV if you watch only a few favorite serials and not watching the TV the entire day even when nothing interesting is coming on the T.V. You will not enjoy surfing the net if there are no latest updates. 
  • The friends with whom you hang around with will leave you one day, and they will score good marks because they balance their work with their recreation and you only focused on the fun. 
  • You cannot blame anybody if this leads you to depression and loneliness. Your life and your routine are in your hands only, and only you can mend it. Lord Krishna said this to Arjun when he was going to fight with Kaurava in the Mahabharata “I don’t write your fate, you write it yourself.” When the almighty God himself said that it’s only you who write your destiny then who are you to think that your fate is written by God. 
  • If you want to get things right for you, then the first step to having a good personality is to make your routine healthy.

  • You should organize your timetable, and you should regularly do your work. Even if you study for two hours daily, you would be in a better position as compared to studying the entire day and then not studying for a week. The good way to write down your comfort schedule that will allow you, for example, to do college homework on high quality level and in time. Then the last thing to follow it will be imposed on you. 
  • “Balance” is the word which can sort out your life. Only work and no play make Jack a dull boy. You have to enjoy your life to the fullest and watch your favorite shows, surf internet, hang around with your friends and your family but you should do everything in a limit.
  • You can go for a nice movie some day, but it doesn’t mean that you watch every upcoming movie whether you like it or not.
  • You should never compromise on your sleep no matter what happens. If you don’t sleep properly, you will not be able to perform well in your studies also, and you will be dull and sleepy the entire day. A person who is not getting proper sleep always remain irritable which negatively affects his personality.