What Is The Microsoft 70-487 Exam, And How It Can Help Your Career

 Microsoft 70-487 is based on developing web services and Microsoft Azure. It is crucial to understand that this is one of the most difficult exams offered by Microsoft. Therefore, you need to be prepared to do some hard study to achieve the desired success in this test. You need to work hard and use all the resources at your disposal to enable you to pass it with little trouble. We will take a look at how you can pass the exam and earn your certification, and move ahead in your engineering career. Before this, it is essential to get an overview of the test in order to understand it better.


Why should you consider writing Microsoft 70-487 exam?

If you are a developer working with ASP.NET, you need to write the Microsoft MCSA 70-487 Practice Test . It will provide you with comprehensive knowledge and expertise in ASP.NET MVC and WCF. The test will also offer you a remarkable boost in your career. This is because the hiring managers look for the individuals with certifications when hiring new people, and a Microsoft credentialwill stand you out among other job seekers. In addition to this, the knowledge you derive from the exam preparation gives you the skills and hands-on experience you need to display your expertise and competencies in Cloud. This will surely position you in an excellent light in your organization and increase your chances for promotion. Many companies have embraced Microsoft Azure, and many others are rapidly adopting it. The implication of this is that the professionals with thecertificate will be considered for more challenging and rewarding jobs than the non-certified individuals.


What topics are covered in Microsoft 70-487 exam?

The Microsoft exams are designed to evaluate some specific skill areas. The students are mandated to understand and gain mastery of these skills in order to pass the test. This means you cannot find a shortcut to passing the exam without some good study. Thus, if you want to succeedin your Microsoft 70-487, you should pay attention to the following topics:

  • Data Technologies: This aspect of the exam content focuses on all the different areas of accessing data through ADO.NET. It also covers the implementation of data storage in Microsoft Azure and the implementation of caching and transactions. One more skill to develop under data technologies is the implementation of solutions with the use of Microsoft Azure. You also need to gain competence in querying and manipulating data through the use of entity framework. This includes your knowledge and skills regarding the implementation of data entity framework and manipulating data providers through the utilization of entity framework.
  • Consuming Web API Services: This topic covers everything about web API, such as creating, securing, managing, and hosting Web API web services.
  • Deployment of Web Services: This skill covers the deployments of strategies and configuration of web services.
  • Creation and Implementation of Web Services: This skill area covers everything about the implementation of Azure services, monitoring web services, and WCF.


How to register for Microsoft 70-487 exam?

The candidates are required to register for the exam through Pearson VUE. However, you first need to create a Microsoft account before you register for your certification test. Therefore, the first step is to log on to Microsoft website and create an account. Your Microsoft ID will be required for your registration at Pearson VUE. To complete your registration and schedule your exam, you have to pay the fee of $165. It is advisable that you prepare very well for your test so that you do not have to retake it. Those individuals who fail the exam will be required to register again and pay the exam fee as well.


What tips can help prepare for Microsoft 70-487 exam?

First, let us establish the target audience for this certification exam. The Microsoft 70-487 test is aimed at those individuals who are conversant with ASP.NET MVC. They also have an extensive understanding of Visual Studio 2017 and .NET Core. In addition to this, the candidates should have at least three to five years of experience working in web development. Having established the audience for the exam, let us look at some tips that will help you pass your test at your first attempt.


  • Understand the question structure and exam content

This is very critical to your success in the test. You should not wait until the exam date before you know the structure of the exam. There are various materials and guidesfor Microsoft 70-487. Going through these materials will keep you up-to-date with what to expect in the actual test. Generally, the exam structure has a variety of question formats, such as multiple-choice questions, drag and drop, case studies, and active screen. The case studies are based on requirements and projects that are designed to evaluate your analytical competence and skills. You might also come across questions in debugging code and adding code. In regards to question contents, it is critical that you have some understanding of WCF. You also need to be familiar with Visual Studio tools, as well as deployment (including IIS). Take time to go through web development strategies, HTTP, and FTP.


  • Use tutorial materials

There are great tutorial tools you can find online. You can start with MVA (Microsoft Virtual Academy). The platform offers a wide range of videos and tutorial materials on Windows Azure and the great thing about it is that it is free. You can also explore other sites such as PrepAway to gather tutorial materials for your exam.

The Microsoft 70-487 exam is an excellent choice for the professional developers with some level of experience in web development. As mentioned earlier, the test is not easy. Therefore, you need to study hard to be able to attain the passing score.