How To Spend Time When You’re Bored At Work

There are days in office when you barely have time to breathe — you’re rushing from meeting to meeting, you’re making presentations, and in spite of your best efforts, you’re unable to find that last pesky bug from your code. Then there are other days when you have hardly anything to do — time refuses to move, and you’re bored out of your wits. On days like these, it’s important to be able to spend your time effectively, whether it’s working towards your job or just relaxing. Here are some ideas on things to do when you have a slow day at work.


1. Play games: If you’d like to take the time out to relax, you can spend time at your computer playing games. You can play simple flash games, card games, or even go for a wager or two — there are plenty of online casino list available online.

2.Build your skills: If you want to do things your boss would approve of, you can spend free time at work building your core work skills. Technology moves fast these days, and there’s always ways to learn a new programming language, learn something new that could help you at your job, such as machine learning or artificial intelligence, or work on your softer skills, such as business communication. There are plenty of places you can get this material — many companies have their own online courses you can take right from your desk, or you could go online and do a free or paid course.

3. Network: Career advancement doesn’t only happen through upping your technical skills — it also helps to get to know people. On a slow day at work, get to know your colleagues and co-workers. Don’t only stick to your team — try to get to know people from as other job functions. You never know how a conversation can lead to a job move or a generate a cool product idea.

4. Make friends: If you have some time to spare at work, try to make friends with your colleagues. Having good friends at work can make you more productive, make work more enjoyable, and even lead to lifelong friendships. And it’s not all that uncommon to find love at work either 😉

5. Listen to podcasts: Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, and there’s a podcast for literally anything under the sun. You can choose a podcast where you can learn something, or a podcast on something light that’ll help you unwind. As a bonus, you can listen to podcasts right at your desk with your headphones on.