Tips for Building A Perfect Startup Team

Startup companies have become pretty common in recent times. They might have a pretty high failure rate, but some have actually grown so much they’ve become industry giants. Startups are a great way to present a scalable business model to the public with the hope of luring potential investors into funding your new product.

However, the high failure rate is the reason why many people decide against startups. Getting it off the ground is not a simple thing – besides transforming your ideas into the perfect business model, a startup must have a great team which will present these ideas in the best way possible. Without a good team, your startup is doomed to fail. Luckily for you, we have a few tips to share that will help you succeed.

How to Build the Perfect Startup Team

There are 3 key members in a perfect startup team – a developer, designer, and businessman (or woman) – without them, you can just wipe your idea off the board and try something else.

The Developer

Developers are usually shy and introvert – they will more likely spend their free time playing video games or slots online instead of spending time in a crowded bar. They are, however, the most important part of your team. Developers are essentially technical ‘wizards’ who will get your project running off the ground. They will create a platform on which your idea can work on and solve current and future technical problems.

A good developer will also take into account the feasibility of the product and tell you if it can be built and how much it will cost. This may save you some time and money, so invest in a good developer.

The Designer

The designer is the person which will shape your dreams. Designers react to the wants and needs of the users, creating a ‘face’ for your business that will attract people to it. Designers are those creative people who have spent their time doodling in classes instead of listening to the teacher. Their creativity will inspire different options for your product and give it its final form.

The Businessman

The businessman is the final piece of the puzzle and the man responsible for ‘luring’ your customers in. These people are great at persuasion and have a vast knowledge of sales, marketing, and business in general. Without a businessman to sell your product, you will most likely fail. Don’t skimp on this piece of your team – if you want to drive your product forward and realize it, you’ll need nothing but the best.

Once you have your team ready, you should share your ideas to help everyone understand the product better and raise your chances of having it approved. Ideally, all the members of your team should be Jack of all trades or a person akin to Steve Jobs.

However, as you probably haven’t found the next Steve Jobs, you need to surround yourself with quality people who will work together as a team in the hope of realizing your innovative product.