Top Tips To Increase Office Productivity

You run into your office five minutes before the time and you have coffee in your hand. You like your job but it is hard to be productive every single day. It feels harder when you find yourself sitting for so long. How can you change things to make an environment that is more enjoyable and productive? Here are some strategies that can keep you motivated at work: 


Begin With Tasks that Matters the Most 

Being productive is not about working fast. It is about working on important matters and doing well with it. Studies provide that you have the most willpower in the mornings. 

As such, it is best to identify the most important tasks for each day. Then, make it your mission to get that task done before the day ends. Thereafter, accomplish the smaller jobs if you can. 

If you are ahead of yourself, you will know what needs doing before starting the day. Having a to-do-list is a huge timesaver. This will help you keep things organized and save time in determining priorities that can prevent you from going straightaway. 

Power Hour 

In the first hour of your work, get as many things to be done as you can. Avoid logging into your Facebook account, voicemails, and favorite blogs and make sure to get to work. This will set the tone for the day. This will also give you a great sense of accomplishment that can follow you throughout the day. 

Eat Healthy Foods 

Indeed, the food that we eat is important in boosting brainpower and affecting our productivity levels at work. Imagine, eating a chocolate bar versus a fruit and nut bar. Junk food will not only affect your weight. It also results in decreased productivity levels and energy crashes. As such, it is best to keep healthy snacks at your office to be fueled for the entire day. 

Track the Time that you are Spending on Tasks

Sometimes, you might think that you are good at gauging how much time you spend on various tasks. However, research provides that only 17% of people can accurately estimate the passage of time. An app like Rescue Time will help you determine how much time you spend on social media, email, word processing, daily tasks, and apps. 

Declutter your Space

Before you begin your day, it is also important to take a few minutes to organize and declutter your workspace. Clean your tailbone pain relief cushion and table. With a clutter-free environment, you can be able to think more clearly and have better results. As you clean up and organize your space, you can increase your productivity and limit the time you have to spend searching for items. 

Block Distractions 

Sometimes, you will find yourself lost in a surfing safari once a day despite your best intentions. There will be noises you’ll need to block. Each company has distractions: quick questions, banter, emails, social networking, instant messages, and others. All of this will prevent you from achieving your goals. 

To get things done, you must learn how to focus. Make sure to minimize those distractions. Turn off the desktop notifications and email alerts. Put your phone into silent mode or hide it from your sight. If you are lured in opening the Internet, you might consider installing an app that will track the time that you spend on the computer. You can also install an app that will restrict access to certain websites. 

Add Plants and Color on your Workspace 

Research proves that color can have a major effect on your productivity level and mood throughout the day. For example, blue can have a calming impact and it can help you focus more on your work. Buy a blue tailbone pain relief cushion that will also suit your table. Meanwhile, red is helpful for you to have great attention and accuracy in detail. 

Meanwhile, plants can help you focus on your work. In a study done by Washington State University, workers who were exposed to plants in a windowless work environment are reported to feel less stressed and more productive at work. 


When we are still young, we love recess more than the classes itself. Our teacher knew that we needed small breaks since this will help us learn better. The same principle is true for working. Allocating specific periods can help you make your day more productive. However, be sure to keep it short and be ready to get back to work anytime. 

Try the 2-Minute Rule to Conquer Procrastination 

For some, the 2-minute rule seems simple enough. This tactic will help you create a system of productivity. However, it can also kill employee productivity if you fail to take it at face value and you don’t implement it carefully. 

Schedule your time in making your to-do list in order. As you create your to-do list, you can find tasks that can be done in a couple of minutes. Do them. See to it that you always come back to your list and accomplish it.