What Does a Librarian Do in 2019?

Librarians are the unsung heroes of the academic world, even in the age when information is available online at all times. The idea of a librarian conjures up a familiar stereotype. One might imagine a bespectacled gray-haired woman shushing a room of rowdy teenagers. Library science is more complicated than shelving books in the correct spot while wearing a fashionable pair of retro glasses. Have you thought about a career in library science? What does a librarian do on a daily basis? 

The internet hasn’t driven a stake through the library’s heart. Here’s a quick look at what librarians do in 2019. 

In the library - Aisian female student with books working in a university library.

It Takes Education 

It may or may not surprise you that library science requires a degree. More often than not, librarians will have a Masters degree. 

Schools accredited with the American Library Association may offer different types of degrees, such as the USC MMLIS (Master of Management in Library and Information Science). 

The Backbone of the Intellectual World 

Being a librarian may sound like it involves a lot of sitting and shelving books. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Being a librarian is about assisting the public with the information they seek. They aim to appease intellectual curiosities. 

Librarianship is a complex network of roles played out by both people and technology. A good librarian must be an expert in research, indexing, and leadership. 

Leadership Role 

As a librarian, you’re responsible for planning and organizing meetings, setting up community events, and staying on top of the news. 

You must have the people skills to work well in a group as well as direct the group. Of course, not every librarian must lead, but it could become a vital role for you in the future. 

Technical Bits 

There are may key pieces of information valuable to almost any professional path. Librarians must read and write emails, fill out timesheets, hire volunteers, and much more. 

Thee are more housekeeping tasks than anything else. 

An Expert on Information 

One of the most important roles a librarian plays is the role of the knowledge expert. A librarian can answer almost any question about getting the correct resources. 

This isn’t a matter of knowing everything there is to know. 

Rather, it’s a matter of knowing where to go and how to find what someone is seeking. In the age of technology, people will turn to the internet and Google for information. 

As a librarian, you know there’s much more to a comprehensive information search.

What Does a Librarian Do? Carry the World

Librarians follow many different paths in life. Some serve small communities while others serve large research universities. It all depends on your personality and ambitions.

Library science is as complex and underappreciated as any other academic discipline in the world.

So just what does a librarian do? A librarian is a guardian of information as well as a guide. 

There is much more to learn if you want to have success in any realm. Explore our “Learn” section for more insights.