Working on Holi? Here’s how to make it more fun!

So your company has decided that keeping the wheels of commerce running is more important than letting you go out and play Holi. Left with no option but to go to work, while the world is a splash of colours outside, you are forced to sit on your desk going through excel sheets and business plans.

The pain is very real. 


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While there’s little we can do to make your office declare a surprise day off or let you “work from home”, here’s a few things you can do to make your Holi in the cubicle a little more fun.


1. Bring colours to your workspace!


If you can’t go out to the colours, bring the colours in.

How about you bring in some pop of colour to your desk- usually a picture of blue and grey. Or have a fun photo session with friends with all these colourful props.


fun photo session

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2. Block Social Media today

Trust us. Constant photo streams of your friends and other cooler people playing Holi and getting high on Bhaang while you slog away at work, is not going to help! Just for today, let go of Facebook.




3. Play a colourful screensaver. All day.

With a no no to Social Media, all you have for solace on Holi is you and your trusty desktop. Get some colours on it and trip on a private colourfest.


Happy Holi BOOM



4. Tell yourself it’s for the better

Let’s admit it. Much as fun playing Holi is, those harmful colours, and strangers rubbing them into you is no fun at all. Not to mention the ordeal of removing them later. Somebody’s gonna get hurt real bad.



5. Break the colour rules today

It’s fine. Get that neon pink jacket you always wanted to wear to work, but never got around to doing it.



6. Bring in Holi treats 

Holi is as much about colour as it’s about sweets and celebrating togetherness. Get some of those Ghujiyas and namkeens and offer to your “outstation” friends and colleagues who’d thank you for eternity. (not to mention score some serious brownie points with the colleagues)


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7. Watch these great Holi videos

Did you know this venue in Utah, USA has one of the biggest Holi celebrations in the world? Here’s a video to blow your mind.


Holi at Utah


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9. Play a virtual Holi!

It’s the 21st century and luckily, there’s an app for everything. Test the limits of what technology can do and play a virtual Holi. Here’s a fun site we found that lets you select the face you want to splatter with colours.

Happy HoliGif courtesy:


10. Play Contests

While your friends are out playing Holi, there’s a whole world of marketers and social media teams, hard at work, just like you,  running Holi themed online contests. Make the best use of your misfortune and turn your fortunes around! Err, I mean win a goodie or two.


 Win Contests, Facebook likes

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11. Party away!

Luckily Holi is on Friday this time. So you can get out of the office and party away tonight and technically it’s still Holi. Paint the town red. (7)

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12. And if you can’t control it, let go! 

So you tried all of the above, but the urge is too strong and you’d have it no other way. Go ahead attack those colleagues and your boss like this guy. Beat Paint them black and blue, without the fear of getting fired.

After all, Bura Na maano holi hai!


Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.53.12 am

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13. And if you’re feeling lucky, you may even have an awesome Holi surprise like this come your way!



Tell us what your thoughts on working on Holi are and how you plan to celebrate. We might just be able to send across a beautiful Holi Hamper for the most creative answers 🙂