10 Unethical Practices By Employees That Harm A Company In The Long Run

People in general have a lot of grudges against their employers. Most conversations are peppered with laments, gossip or plain hatred against your boss, awful colleagues or a sucky work culture. However, more often that not, the employees, are not exactly a picture of everything that’s right, bright and ethical. There are many ways employers are also wronged by the employees, than just vice versa.

Top 15 Reasons These Indians Said They Hate Their Jobs For

Jobs and people have a love and hate relationship. You need them to earn your bread and live a respectable life, but at the same time, they can be your biggest enemies. Stress, lack of time for pursuing your passion, draconian office rules etc. can often make people hate their jobs. While the reason to hate a job is highly subjective, there are some common triggers or patterns that establish some of the most common ones. On a thread on social opinion website Reddit, people were asked why they hated their jobs, and these were the top reasons.

All The Christmas Gifts Google’s Given Its Employees Since 2009

Google being Google, world’s biggest tech giant, and a cash-rich company whose employee-friendly culture is universally celebrated and lauded does Christmas in style. Not only does Google go out in decking up its campuses around the globe and dissing up Christmas special fare to its 30,000 employees, it plays the biggest Santa every Christmas.

Google employees around the world get a gift, called the Holiday gift every year during Christmas. These are no ordinary gifts, a box of chocolates or a little gadget! We have a roundup of all the gifts Google’s showered on its employees.

Office Gossip May Also Serve A Purpose

As a first reaction, office gossip may be looked down upon by the management. However, there is a view that it may not be altogether bad for the organisation. Various researches have pointed out that office gossip forges connections, builds trust, helps learning unwritten social norms and offers a way of comparing ourselves with others.