11 Jobs in Casinos You Never Knew Existed

Working in a casino can be one of the best and most exciting jobs you ever have. The lights, the excitement, the people, while it is still hard work and you need to be on top of your game, it is unlike any other job on the planet and is a different experience to an online casino. 

While some jobs take a lot of effort, you spend time having fun somewhere, and it doesn’t even feel like work. These are some of the best but often overlooked jobs in casinos.

Floor Manager

The casino floor is where all the action happens, and you can find the slot machines, the poker tables, the roulette wheels, and everything in between. Dealers or attendants run all these machines and games, and someone needs to oversee the whole operation. 

Floor managers ensure that everything is running smoothly, all the games are going well, and all the guests have looked after. Much like a manager of a restaurant, they are the point of call for all floor employees. 

Casino Cashier

Working as a casino cashier in the “cage” is a vital cog in the casino machine. You are the person who ensures all the guests receive their winnings when they cash out. It is very similar to any other kind of cashier; you will just be handling much larger quantities of money. 

It is a job that requires a good grasp of math, and you will also need a clean criminal record, and the latter is standard practice for almost anyone who works in a casino environment. 


If you want to be closer to the action, you can become a dealer. Dealers are required for games of poker, blackjack, craps, and baccarat. There are some qualifications needed to become a dealer, though. 

You will need to attend a recognized dealer school and complete the 8-12 week course. You will also need to be proficient in math and know what is happening in a game at all times, and, once again, have a clear criminal record. 

Slot Attendant

Many casinos have hundreds of slot machines for guests to enjoy. Every one of these machines needs to be overseen by someone, who is the slot attendant. Each attendant would be assigned several slots that they look after, like wait staff and tables at a restaurant. 

The attendant will then act as the go-between for guests and management. They will ensure the machines are working, responding to guest queries, and providing their section runs smoothly. 

Slot Supervisor

Slot supervisors are a level up from slot attendants. They are in charge of all the attendants on the floor and act as the point of contact and the person in charge of the slot section of a casino. 

If there is a problem with any machines or guests that the attendant can’t manage, the supervisor will. They also act as the go-between for the attendants and management staff higher up in the casino. 

Security Guard

If there is one thing a casino will always need, it’s security. Security is taken very seriously in all gambling establishments, and therefore there are always possible openings for new or seasoned security officers. 

You will work the floor, the cage, and entrances and be available at all times if there is any trouble. Depending on the establishment, you may be armed, but more often than not, you will be equipped with some self-defense gear and handcuffs if needed. 

Pit Clerk

The pit is where you will find the card game tables, and the pit clerk is similar to that of the slot attendant. They will walk the floor, ensuring all the dealers handle their tables, answer guest questions, and the like. 

A pit clerk position also often earns more money than a similar job somewhere else in the casino. You also start gaining management experience much earlier on as frequently you will need to fill in for your superior, the pit boss. 

Pit Boss

As mentioned before, the pit boss is the person in charge of the pit. They are the manager and will oversee the pit clerks, the dealers, tables and be the point-of-call for every employee in the pit. 

As a pit boss, you will need to be someone who can handle stress and work under pressure. You will be the one in charge at high-stakes games and therefore be working around people whose emotions could be running high. It is most definitely a job for someone who thrives under that immense pressure. 

Bingo Caller

Many casinos have bingo halls, and they all need someone who can call the numbers out. This is a reasonably relaxed job compared to others in a casino, but you still need to be on top of your game at all times. 

A bingo caller needs to be loud and bubbly and get and keep the guests excited and make sure they are having fun. If you are outgoing and great with people, this could be the job for you. 

Spa Technician

You may forge that casinos often offer far more than just the games on the floor. One such service that is becoming more common is a spa. A place for guests to relax, have a massage and take some time away from the lights and noise of the casino floor. 

If you have experience in a spa environment, there could be positions available for those with massage experience, nail technicians, and employees with treatment experience such as facials, scrubs, etc. 

Bar and Restaurant Employee

Most casinos will have a bar or two, and often at least one bar can be on the casino floor. The bar staff is undoubtedly needed to make drinks and take them to the guests, perfect for those in the industry wanting a change of pace

The same thing can be said for those who have worked in restaurants. Food is often served on the casino floor, and those who wait for staff experience will have the edge. These positions do have significant upsides, too, as the tips can often be quite generous.