3 great perks to offer your staff

When managing a team, or even a whole business, it can be difficult to know what to offer your staff. Finding something that benefits them as well as the company can be tough but isn’t impossible. There are so many perks that you can easily make possible, here are just a few.

Remote Working

This is very dependent on the sort of business you’re in, as it’s not possible for everyone, but if you can do it, working from home can be an amazing perk for employees. Lots of office workers now work remotely or are only in the office part-time, and it can truly change how they work. 

Studies have suggested that it can make people more productive and considerably benefit the business overall.

Many looking for work now will only consider remote working, so it’s also a great idea to offer this if you’re looking to expand your pool of potential candidates. 

You may find that many of your staff like working in the office and actually don’t take you up on it, however, just having the option can make a big difference and means they can get on with their work in cases where they would normally need to have a day off.

Further Training

This is a perk that, without a doubt, benefits both your employees and the business. If you provide further training on a particular area of their job or the company overall you are doing so much. 

Firstly, this helps them as they expand their knowledge and are able to use this in their career going forward, wherever this may take them. Secondly, it helps the business overall as your staff become better in their roles and the team becomes more skilled. 

Whether it’s further industry training or SQL training, there are so many options out there for you. Many companies offer their training services that come to the company office and make the whole process as easy as possible. 

Flexible Hours

Similar to remote working, offering flexible hours can really help staff to get back their work/life balance. When they have this, they become better workers and are able to put more of their energy into their workday. 

Flexible hours look different for each employer and employee. Maybe you offer that the first and last hours of their day can be interchangeable. Perhaps you just ask staff to work their eight hours no matter when they do it. There are so many options and it’s an incredible perk that can really make you stand out as a business. 

While people ultimately go to work to get paid, it’s nice to have other perks to your job. These perks can make your work life a little easier and, therefore, make you a better worker. 

Having an employer who offers perks like this means your staff are much more likely to stay put and will be happier overall. It can even benefit the business in some ways, what could be better?