5 Amazing Perks of Working From Home

Countless businesses have begun to shift to home-based workplace, meaning people across the globe are doing their jobs from the comfort of their own houses. If you’re unsure about working from home, here are a few great benefits you can look forward to.

Family Time

First and foremost, working from home eliminates distance from your loved ones. Not having to leave the house for hours at a time means you’re around to enjoy the company of your partner, children and other family members even while you’re on the clock. You can join your kids for playtime or have a family meal during breaks, and you’re only rooms away if a loved one needs your help. Do you find yourself longing for a big hug from your kids during a long shift? Working from home means you can have some quality cuddle time while also earning a paycheck.

Freedom to Travel

In most cases, your work doesn’t have to stay in the home; in fact, many home work positions allow you to get the job done anywhere that you have access to a computer with the Internet. This means you can work on projects even while you’re on the go. Whether you’re passing downtime at a hotel on vacation or knocking out a few tasks during europe cruises, this level of mobility leaves you free to go wherever you’d like during the workday. Have you ever wished you could work on your projects on a sunny beach or the cozy atmosphere of your favorite coffee shop? Taking work on the go means you can do exactly that!

Lack of Commuting

Whether your workplace is a 5-minute drive or an hour-long bus trip away, the commute takes up precious time and energy that you could be expending elsewhere. If you’re working from home, you have no commute — all the time you would’ve spent waking up earlier, preparing to leave and fighting through traffic is now completely open. You can get a little extra sleep, enjoy a cup of coffee or make a breakfast run before ever having to worry about clocking in on time. Best of all, you’re also shaving off the time you would be spending in traffic after work as well. You may be saving hours in your day just by cutting out the drive.

Comfortable Workspace

Is there truly anything better than the comfort of your own home? There’s no limit to how you can customize your workspace. Whether you’re working on the kitchen table or designate your own home office, you’re free to furnish, decorate and equip your area however you like. Do you want to hang up string lights and move a mini fridge under your desk, but aren’t allowed to at the office? Set them up in your new home workspace! The possibilities are endless. What’s more, home employees aren’t generally required to wear uniforms during the work hours (with some exceptions during virtual meetings). If you’d much rather wear your pajamas while you work, you have the freedom to do so in your own home workspace.

Pets in the Workplace

Working from home not only allows you to be around your family, but also gives you free reign to have your beloved pets right by your side. If you have a hard time walking out the door knowing you’ll be without your pet all day, a home work situation may be just the thing for you. This can be especially helpful for pet owners that live alone and don’t have access to a pet sitter.

Working from home may not be for everyone, but it offers countless benefits that you simply won’t find in a traditional workplace. If your employer is making the switch to a home-based work environment, this may be the opportunity for you to enjoy the comforts of home — or anywhere you want to be — without losing the benefits of your career.