3 Industries To Start An Affiliate Business in 2020

With the continuing popularity of the affiliate business model, more and more of us are choosing to create our own company.

In affiliate marketing, entrepreneurs are rewarded by affiliate companies for sending visitors and/or customers. By promoting products and services, entrepreneurs are able to make a living from the revenue awarded them by affiliate companies.

In this article, we will take a look at 3 industries to start an affiliate business in 2020, going deep into the reasons why they are so exciting right now.

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Online Casinos

In the online casino business, entrepreneurs are rewarded by affiliate companies (casinos) for the players they lead to the site. Sometimes this is a flat fee per player whilst other times casinos pay affiliate businesses a percentage of the money they make one each player sent to them. 

Although a potentially lucrative business, anybody looking to create an new online casino affiliate business should be aware that this can be an incredibly competitive business. What’s more, regulation from any number of bodies can be another obstacle toward earning a massive salary from online casino affiliate businesses

For an idea of which new casinos lead the pack, head to a review website to find your dream affiliate businesses. 


One of the most popular affiliate businesses to create in the modern age is a travel business. Usually, these take the form of a blog or some form of guide website. With hundreds of billions spent every year on the global travel industry, this niche almost guaranteed to make money. 

Again, this is a highly competitive industry and you must think carefully about how to make your travel site stand out from the crowd to bring in the readers/visitors that will convert to cash. In fact, top travel blogs can receive up to 25% commission for every referral to a top travel site such as Booking or Expedia.


One of the most popular affiliate businesses of all, beauty affiliates use popular social media influencers and YouTubers to promote their products. One of the key things for any aspiring affiliate business owner to bear in mind is only to promote the most tried and tested products because questionable beauty products are everywhere and can seriously harm your credibility. There is a range of special affiliate programs designed to make the process as simple as possible for anybody thinking about starting their own beauty affiliate business.

To get a better idea of how to start your own affiliate business, head to Instagram and YouTube and do some research on popular beauty stars such as Kim Kardashian and James Charles. This way you can find out how to follow in their footsteps and start a serious beauty affiliate business yourself!

Overall, these 3 industries are some of the most lucrative and fertile for starting an affiliate business in 2020. Although always competitive, with the right kind of research and dedication, you should be able to earn a good living in any of these niches.