4 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your WiFi Router

Many people have this attitude that they won’t change their old router no matter what because it is working ‘just fine’ for them. This is the case in many households where routers are the devices that are usually ignored and hardly anyone pays any attention to them, plus, people don’t even consider changing or upgrading them. They would rather upgrade and buy a new washing machine than buy a new router.

Having an old and obsolete router can lead to a lot of unfortunate situations such as having low internet speed, internet connectivity/disconnectivity problems, weak coverage, and several others which could lead to a diminished and annoying experience for everyone connected to the network. No matter how fast your internet is, if your router is an old one then you won’t get the optimum speeds & results.

If you upgrade to a new, current-generation router then you will get better WiFI range, stronger signals, better speeds, and better handling of devices connected on the network. Plus, you can easily find a good router at an affordable price. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should upgrade your WiFi router: 

1. Good Internet Speeds And Quality

The first reason why you should buy a new router is that a new router will be able to provide fast and consistent internet speeds. If you have a fast and stable internet connection but a weak router then the internet quality won’t be good but if you buy a new router then not only will you get high speeds but you will also get a stable connection that won’t face any disconnectivity issues.

Disconnectivity and slow internet speeds are two things that most of the users are annoyed of and if you found yourself to be in a similar situation then chances are that you have an obsolete piece of hardware that isn’t able to give you the best experience. Buying a new router will give you better speeds and a good overall internet experience. 

2. Better Coverage & Features

With a new router, you are also going to get a good range. Most of the modern-day routers have incredible ranges with advanced features with the help of which they will be able to provide a better internet experience and coverage to your whole house. If you are facing the issue of weak signals with your old router then perhaps upgrading to a new router will fix this issue. 

Modern-day routers with improved range and speeds provide much better internet connectivity and experience than old ones. You get dual-radio bands with multiple radios, improved hardware that includes RAM and multi-core processors, and features that will ensure that no one experiences connection drop with minimal lag and equal bandwidth distribution across all of the connected devices, which leads to better coverage and internet experience. 

3. Improved Router Interfaces

If you are using an old router then know that the router admin interface would be an awful one because back then no one really used to give much importance to the user-friendliness of the interface. Over the last few years, things have changed and the interfaces are becoming better. The overall design is now much better, there are improved features available in the admin interfaces and they are much easier and user-friendly now.

In fact, many router manufacturers have developed dedicated mobile apps from where you can directly access and manage the settings of your WiFi router instead of opening a web browser, typing in or any other default gateway address of routers, and then managing all the settings from an awful looking settings page.

4. Updated Software & Security

The updated software on the latest routers is also a plus point. Not only are these latest operating systems more secure but they also come with the latest encryption technologies available in the market which makes them secure from the old ones. Plus, these routers receive occasional software updates which ensure their proper and optimal function. 

With old routers, the security of your network and all of the connected devices on the network is always at risk but with modern-day routers, this risk is reduced and if you properly configure the security settings, the risk would be minimal.

Routers are an important piece of technology, especially if you have a smart home or there are multiple devices in your household. It is the gateway to your home network and it also provides internet connectivity to all of the connected devices. You can easily find a good router for a good price that will improve the whole internet experience of your household.