5 Mobile App Marketing Tricks You’re Not Doing Right Now

If you’ve successfully developed an app, then you’ve completed the most challenging milestone in the process. Marketing primarily involves the implementation of appropriate strategies that are deliberately applied with a specific goal in mind.

Despite having remarkably innovative Apps, many developers are subject to frustration as they are not adequately conversant with efficient strategies on how to win the target market. Really struggling to win your audience? This article highlights 5 highly effective mobile app marketing tricks you might not be using currently. These are:

  • App optimization
  • Take advantage of social media
  • Work hand in and with influencers
  • Give attention to KPIs
  • Sell the Experience

Tactical implementation of the strategies will see you carve your niche in your market segment within a short span. Let’s tackle each strategy in detail and see what they’re all about.

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App Optimization

Most mobile applications are downloaded in various app stores after a search has been done. Often times, there are numerous other applications in any app store at a particular time that serve the same purpose.

App optimization gives an app the chance of being ranked among the first results when a search has been done. This strategy revolves around how you use keywords when naming the application and describing them. This calls for some research on your target audience this way to identify the most appropriate keywords to use.

Additionally, one can draw on search ads, which are a good way to boost an application’s visibility. This is one of the simplest but most effective ways of boosting organic traffic and therefore increasing downloads. 


Take Advantage of Social Media

Today, Social Media is one of the cheapest yet most powerful marketing platforms. Billions of individuals around the world use at least one Social Media platform, and this means that one can easily reach millions of individuals on a single platform without any difficulty. Find out which platform resonates most with your target market and focuses on it.

You can start app campaigns as a promotion scheme for free. However, there are even more efficient social media paid campaigns that are still significantly cheaper than any other marketing channel around per Digital Authority. This gives you incredible flexibility as you can purposefully aim at reaching a specific market segment, depending on the service your app offers. This strategy will rapidly boost the visibility of your app.

Work Hand in Hand with Influencers

Reaching out to a target audience via influencers is a strategy that has been around for years, and many businesses in different industries have maximized it to gain leverage over their competitors. Many influencers have earned the trust of their audience.

On that note, it is a lot easier for a target population to embrace ideas and products commended by an expert or social icons. The starting point in the implementation of this strategy is finding a relevant influencer in regard to your market segment.

An influencer can run a series of campaigns promoting your app for a specified period of time, and this will certainly result in the hiking of downloads. However, working with an influencer might be a slightly pricy strategy compared to other strategies, but it is worth the cost.

Give Attention to KPIs

Key performance indicators are all about marketing objectives. These will help you to monitor your application’s performance on the market following the application of marketing strategies. Being attentive to KPIs will help you identify marketing areas you need to focus on. Additionally, they will help you determine which strategies are working for you and which ones are not.

The most important thing in regards to zooming in on KPIs is ensuring that your indicators are relevant to your application’s market segment. For example, you can monitor the growth of your app’s store rating, level of organic traffic and number of downloads from a specific stream. Generally, KPIs play a vital part in enabling one to come up with a viable marketing plan for maximum results.

Sell the Experience

A major mistake many application developers make is focusing on selling their creation rather than the experience it offers. With the intense competition present on the market today, there are many applications that serve similar purposes.

The only thing that will give your application a competitive advantage over other applications is its exclusivity in regards to the experience it offers. This strategy revolves around how you present your app to the market population. Your promotions should focus on the customer experience.

The target population should know what’s in it for them that’s worthwhile downloading the application. In this regard, focus on the advantages the app has over other applications. In other words, let your target population know why they should download your app and not another app that serves a similar purpose. This is a highly effective strategy, and one that does not come with any expenses.

With these strategies, you are able to focus on a specific market segment depending on the niche of your application and come up with a clear outline of the expected results. In this case, you can monitor your application’s ranking, as this denotes the reception of the target population.

Also, in order to continually improve your application so as to stay ahead of your competitors, you can give attention to the user reviews and also request their feedback in regards to their experience. That way, you will be certain of the changes you need to make on the application.

Noteworthy, users will go beyond downloading an application to using it as frequently as possible for as long as it meets their needs. Therefore, obtaining their views and insights is vital to help in the further development of the application. You can start off with one strategy and progressively implement the others while observing the KPIs.