5 Reasons Why Starting An App For Your Business is a Good Idea

Apps are big business these days, and every large company has one or more for their customers. Is it an important next step for your business, though?

If you’re considering starting an app for your business, here’s why you shouldn’t delay it. 

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  1. People Prefer Apps

Mobile apps are the most convenient way for customers to interact with brands nowadays. 

While personal service will always be important, most people are too busy to call your company or visit your store. Nobody wants to spend their free time traveling to your business premises and standing in line for service. They want it now.

Mobile apps give them this instant gratification. 

Studies show that 85 percent of mobile users prefer interacting with an app rather than accessing your website via a browser. Why? Speed, convenience, and ease of use topped the list of reasons. 

  1. Starting an App Is Good Customer Service

Going back to why people prefer apps, it makes sense that these elements are key to making an app work for your business.  

So, when you’re thinking about how to develop an app idea, take the following into consideration:

  • What problems do my customers have?
  • What app ideas could help solve one or more of these issues?
  • Do I need more than one app to cater to different types of customers?

When you use an app to handle small, quick interactions, such as making payments or ordering refills, your customers benefit by saving time. 

Nowadays, 60 percent of U.S. buyers prefer to use a digital self-service tool, such as an app, to resolve common issues. 

  1. Apps Can Mean Increased Sales

When you start an app, business is likely to pick up since it’s easier for customers to interact with your company. This puts your business top of mind when it comes time to spend money.

As early as 2017, in-app purchases already accounted for 44 percent of sales in North America for retail stores with apps. E-commerce apps are the perfect platform for impulse purchases. 

Along with statistics, there are many app development success stories out there too. 

  1. An App Keeps Your Business Competitive

One of the most tempting reasons to get an app for your business is because everybody else is doing it. However, if you aren’t going to reap enough financial reward to justify the cost, there’s just no point.

That said, it is important that your customers perceive your business as up-to-date and relevant in today’s times. ZoomCar increased its business to 100 percent more than the closest competitor by upgrading its tech infrastructure — and yes, they do have an app.

Small businesses have been slow to adopt apps. By doing so, you could put yourself leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. 

  1. You Don’t Need Any Tech Know-How

Once you’ve decided to design an app for your business, you may be wondering where to get started. There are many specialized app development companies as well as freelancers around to do all the complicated bits for you. 

It all depends on your budget. Developing an app takes time and money, but the rewards are great if you do it right. 

Keep Moving with the Times

There’s no doubt that starting an app is a good way to keep up with the changing world of business today.