5 Most Popular Ways Employees Can Rewind In Office

Down time is essential for every individual. No matter what your age is, you’ll need something to do during your spare time. In fact, like others, you can explore more of it and figure out new ways to spend your free time.

It had however be hard to unwind when in office. There’s often people sneaking over your shoulder, and there are deadlines to be met. Here, however, the the best ways you can unwind while at work. Just make sure your boss isn’t watching.

1. Reading Books & Blogs Online 

If you’re bored at work, you’re not alone. But now you can read books and blogs online. You can easily access free or inexpensive books on various online sites in India. The best way to read books online is on your browser, or on a specific e-book reader.

However, you can also choose to expand your knowledge on specific business topics of your choice by reading blogs and articles. Opting to read something new and unique is the best way to grow and improve yourself. Although it’s not something new, it’s definitely a goodie. 

2. Watching Cricket 

As you may know, Indians are passionate about sports, especially cricket. As a child, you may have seen posters around your neighborhood saying India has only two religions: cricket and film. If you are a cricket lover, you can definitely choose to watch cricket matches online as a pastime. 

This way, you’ll not only grasp more insight into the current happenings in the world of cricket but also learn about the game in-depth. When your passion meets your pastime, you’ll definitely learn something. From ICC world cup to IPL, you can watch several matches online. If watching the game live is not possible, go for the highlights. 

3. Bet on Cricket Matches Online

Gambling has been a century-long love and passion for Indians. Even though there are so many gambling options available, the Indians like cricket betting the most. Cricket betting is one of the most-popular sports in the country as people can place their bets on their favourite players. They can also place bets on leagues like IPL, CPL, BBL, PSL, ICC World Cup, World T20, etc. 

You can also get some information by checking out good tips for cricket betting, so that you can increase your chances of winning real money. But the coolest part about online cricket betting is that, you will surely find something to punt on. Another great thing about online cricket betting is the number markets it has in-store. 

This will give you the opportunity to choose from a diverse range of wagering options. But when betting on cricket, make sure to set a proper budget so that doesn’t hurt your financial condition.

4. Play Video Games 

Video games are something that everyone loves. Today, Indians have earned an excellent reputation in the esports market. It’s one of the most popular and fun online pastimes. With the latest video game options on the market, your hobby to play them will become more enjoyable than ever. 

There are a variety of games to fit virtually any preference and personality. With online gaming, you’ll be able to connect with other players and interact with them. 

No matter your age, you’ll get an ideal game of your type. Playing video games not only keeps your mind off the stress at work or college but also keeps you entertained.

5. Watch Netflix or Amazon Prime 

One of the most popular online pastimes for Indians is watching web series on OTT platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Remember the hype of the series named “Sacred Games” when it launched its first season? You’ve heard about the popular web series called Friends, right? 

If so, you can understand how much we Indians love to watch these TV shows on OTT platforms in home comfort. So, pick a favorite genre show and start watching them as your pastime.