5 Tips for Making High-Performing Video Ads

People love videos. They enjoy getting information in small portions. However, the information must be memorable to have a true impact. What does a person need to do to create videos that people watch and then share with others?

While videos have different purposes, certain things will help ensure they are seen. The following techniques are of great help in getting a viewer to watch a video from beginning to end. Implement one or more of these strategies in the next production and see great results.

Draw the Viewer In

Capturing a person’s attention is challenging. However, doing so is necessary if a producer wants them to continue watching a video. If they aren’t interested after the first few seconds, they are going to click on the next video. Every producer needs to draw a viewer in within the first five to ten seconds. How can they do so?

One way to get a person to pay attention is to provide a solution to a problem they are having. A person can also tell a story to draw people in or ask a question. The viewer then wants to learn the answer to the question so they are more likely to stick around and watch the video. Surprising the viewer is another great way to keep them interested. Turn to Newstead production studio for help in creating a video that is not only watched but shared with others.

Keep It Brief

Once a viewer has been hooked, get to the point quickly. Keep ads under 30 seconds. Instructional videos may be longer, but they shouldn’t drag on. Share the tutorial and end the video. The viewer has gotten the information they wanted and will appreciate the conciseness of the material. If they need more information in the future, they will know exactly where to turn.

Provide Value

People rarely watch a video to make a purchase. They want to learn something from the video, such as how a product will add value to their life. Share this information and allow the product or service to sell itself. Once the customer sees how the product or service solves a problem they are experiencing, they want to make the purchase without feeling pressured to do so. Consumers appreciate this and reward companies that act in this manner.

Generate Emotion

People see ads everywhere they turn. As a result, they often tune out when they see another billboard or poster talking about a product or service. Don’t create an ad. Tell a story instead, including the major elements of any good production. When doing so, make the story believable and ensure the viewer can relate to it. Make the story dynamic and appeal to a person’s emotions for great results. Impactful video is sure to capture a person’s attention and draw them in. They want to learn how the story ends and will stick around to find out.


Who doesn’t love to be entertained? A person might stick around to watch a video after a long day at work if they find the material funny. In the past, many people considered humor to be unprofessional, but today people enjoy it. They want something lighthearted to take their mind away from the stress of daily life. When a producer provides humorous material, the viewer will remember it and look for future productions when they want to be entertained again.

Every company should make use of video marketing today. Video can be used to share a difficult concept, entertain a person, or share a product’s benefits. Try incorporating video into a marketing strategy today for an outstanding return on investment.