5 tips on creating a business email

Having a professional business mail creates a positive impression of your company in the public domain. People start to emphasize more on your organization, helping your organization to become a brand name in the competitive world.  Here are 5 tips that can benefit you when creating a business email:

Personalized domain catches attention

A business email with personalized domain plays an integral role in gaining attention from the outsiders. Consistency is the key to success; in the same fashion, a professional business email with personal domain helps in spreading brand awareness and builds trust. Use this domain for your online presence, be it your website or the email. Google business email is certainly a reliable option when it comes to creating a formidable business presence in the digital world. Comparatively, Google business email pricing is much flexible than other email providers available in the industry.   

Never use numbers

A common trend when creating email account is the use of number with a name. For instance, [email protected] or even something like [email protected]. Both of these email address types create an unprofessional image and feels untrustworthy. When you are opting for a business email, creating trust is the biggest factor to keep in mind. In other words, you must ensure that your business email does not ends up inside the spam or junk folders. Since you are opting for Google business email pricing plans, always include only letters in your email address and never any number or special characters. 

Generic names can be useful

You may notice certain business email ids that feature generic names like [email protected] or [email protected]. Such email ids usually point to specialized services offered by the organization. It doesn’t refer to any particular team member but indicates a certain sector for the clients to use the email if required. Using these generic ids can play a decisive role in creating email accounts targeted for specific purposes.  

Avoid nicknames for business emails  

Never mix your professional and personal lives; keep them separated in their own places. Whenever you are creating Google business email, make sure not to include any nickname. Make the email address look as much professional as it can be. If you want to use your name in the professional email address, a nice idea would be to use your first and last names and not any pet name.  

Easy to pronounce  

Before finalizing your Google business email pricing, ensure that the email id is easy to pronounce. As a matter of fact, misspelled address can redirect a user to some other website which in turn can hamper your corporate imagery. Henceforth, make your business email spell easy and does not require ample explanation from your side. Also, it is not mandatory to use your full name in the business email. Always experiment and look for several options before selecting the ideal email id for your business. 


When creating a professional email address, it need not have to restrict on your creativity. However, you must emphasize on creating something with a professional touch which will improve the image of your brand. Gmail is the most trusted email provider for businesses and corporate clients. Make sure you choose the correct plan and embark on a journey of success and growth with Google business email.