5 Tips To Stay Fit At The Office Without Going To The Gym

It’s difficult to maintain fitness levels when you sit all day. Sitting all day puts your fitness levels and mental health at stake. Studies reveal that prolonged Inactivity can cause diabetes, colon cancer, and heart disease. 

The question is how can you balance your job, health, and fitness. It will require some effort, but it is achievable.  

Man in Gray Long Sleeve Shirt Walking in the Office

1. Maintain a good posture

Even if we are conscious of our posture while walking and exercising, we begin to slouch after sitting just for a few minutes at the desk. Prolonged sitting is bad for your health and poor posture can cause spinal (backbone) abnormalities[1]. Fortunately, this can be avoided by sitting upright in your chair with your hips and knees at a 90-degree angle.

It does not matter if you do exercises. Even with good exercise routines, poor posture can impair your workout by misaligning your spine and throwing you off balance. As at the office you spend most of your day slouching. 

Therefore, avoid sabotaging your workout by slumping at your workstation! If you see yourself slouching, correct it immediately! This is a completely reversible condition that is rather simple to correct.

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2.  Avoid Fatty Junk Foods

It is not surprising that every person eats a lot of snacks, fast food during their office hours. You need to stop eating snacks at office time.

 The first rule is. Do not skip your breakfast!  Morning Breakfast helps you to increase your metabolism and resist those “fatty-food cravings” at lunchtime. If you regularly leave home in so much hurry and do not have the time to do breakfast, try to eat some instant cereal or oatmeal at your desk.

Another approach to minimize munching and cut down on vending machine visits is to carry your own lunch and snacks. Consider healthy foods: small carrots, almonds, or fruits as guilt-free snacking options.This easy approach will keep you from grabbing a Snickers in the afternoon. 

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3. Drink Plenty of Fluids

While we all know that we should drink eight to ten glasses of water per day, did you realize that filling up a water bottle can also help you stay active? While working, take a break to refill a water bottle from a water cooler or go to a water fountain to increase the number of steps in an otherwise sluggish day. Each step matters toward achieving your objectives.

Additionally, water makes you feel full, keeps you alert and hydrated. Swap midday coffee or diet soda for green tea. Green tea is a “cold-busting immunity booster”, and also a fitness drink. Studies have shown that green tea is best for weight loss and keeps you healthy and fit.

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4. Schedule Time for Walking and Movement

As previously stated, every step counts while pursuing specific goals. To obtain benefits from additional steps, park your vehicle far away in the morning and take the stairs. Additionally, you can go with your coworker on a walk during lunch break. Nothing beats going on a walk with your friend and doing some exercise to enhance the enjoyment of your lunch break.

Moreover, consider standing during business calls, going to your colleague’s desk by yourself rather than making a phone call or sending an email. 

And if you travel via public transportation services, walk out of the bus at an early stop, and walk the remaining distance to reach your office. All of these recommendations will assist you in achieving your fitness goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in general.

Two Women in Suits Talking While Walking in Hall

5. Perform Workout at Your Desk Throughout the Day

If you are too busy and can’t leave the desk, as you would like, you may perform brief workouts while sitting on a desk that can help develop and tone your muscles. 

Arm circles:

Sit on a chair, and lengthen your arms out to the sides with your feet firmly kept on the floor and your spine erect. Gradually move your both arms forward in circles, repeat this exercise for 25 circles, then reverse the circle and perform the same number of circles backward. This exercise helps to strengthen the upper back and neck muscles.


If you have access to a private space or office, try performing 10-20 squats per hour. Do you work in a cubicle?  Challenge yourself! Inform your coworkers of your plans and do squats together. Squats burn a lot of calories since they work every muscle in your legs. 

Leg Raises 

Seat on a desk and extend your leg straight on the front side for approximately 3 seconds, then lift it upwards and lower without touching the floor. Do this exercise for almost 20 repetitions. You can add weight to the exercise by holding or wrapping your backpack, handbag, around your leg before starting the exercise. This workout will quickly tone your legs while strengthening your core.

Order a Stand-Up Desk!

If your office permits, order a “stand-up desk” for yourself. Along with numerous other benefits, standing during the workday, even for a part of the day, can reduce your risk of gaining excess weight and has been shown to enhance productivity!

Try A Fitness Ball!

To be fair, a stand-up desk may not be appropriate for every firm. There is an excellent substitute for this — sitting on a fitness ball. This fitness ball is also known as Bosu ball, Swiss ball, or exercise ball.  

You can improve your balance, by using your core to sit up straight while seated on a fitness ball. This assists in alleviating lower back discomfort and improving posture. 

So, if you’re short on time and cannot go to the gym, you can perform different workouts at your desk!

Man Doing Squats


Even if you’re in fantastic shape, sitting all day is bad for your health. However, with a little planning, you can add extra activity into your everyday routine.

So, keep moving at your office to avoid the negative effects of prolonged sitting. 

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