5 Ways Travel Can Help You Kill Work-Related Stress

It’s been a bruising few months at work — you’ve been battling bad code, ferocious competitors, and grumpy coworkers. You’re seeing your productivity steadily plummet, and things don’t seem quite as fun any more. What you could be suffering from is burnout. And one of the best ways to beat burnout at work is to set off on a trip somewhere. There’s probably no better way to get away from the rigors of work than some travel. Here’s how travel can help you de-stress from work:


1.Takes you away from the grind: The office routine can be oppressive — get up in the morning, get ready, reach office, and then wearily trudge back home. Travel helps break the mould, however briefly. You’ll be getting up at your own sweet time, probably see some nice sights during the day, and have a nice relaxing dinner before you retire to sleep. The break in routine refreshes brain cells, and makes you ready to once again dive right into work.

2. Helps you unwind: Travel is the ultimate stress release. No matter where you go, you’ll be freed from the stresses that accompany a work day. There will be no deadlines to keep, no tasks to run, and no meetings to attend. Travel refreshes the body and the soul.

3.  Helps you meet new people: There are only so many different kinds of people you can meet at work, and they’re all of similar backgrounds. Top companies have employees that have attended top colleges, have similar goals and dreams, and similar approaches to life. Travel can change all then — while on the road, you can meet a farmer tending to his crop, a hippie exploring a new land, or a musician travelling to their next gig. Meeting these people will broaden your horizons, and realize that there is a whole world beyond the cubicle.

4. Helps you broaden your perspective: Apart from helping meet new people, travel also helps you broaden your perspective. If you’re feeling overburdened at work, travel will help you realize that no matter how pressing the next meeting seems, and no matter how important that promotion feels, there’s a whole world out that that will still keep chugging along, no matter what you do. The thought can be liberating, and help you fix any stress you’ve been facing at the workplace. 

5. The planning can be therapeutic: When you’re planning a trip, you’ll be forced to make decisions, and optimize on time and costs. This is something that appeals to corporate junkies — it’s a mini task to accomplish. But the stakes here are lower, and many find that simply planning a trip, discussing it with friends, and finally taking it is a pleasurable experience in itself.