7 Educational Trends in 2022: What’s in Store for Students and Teachers in the New Year

Lecture at the University

The year 2021 had many changes in education. Teachers looked for new approaches and solutions and applied non-standard methods and techniques. And what 2022 will bring to education – read about educational trends to watch out for. In 2022, we should expect new changes in education. Some things will remain as they were – like the high demand for essay services. Students still ask questions like, “Who could help me to write my papers?” And some things will be dramatically new. Read below for the top trends in education in the new year.

More digitalization

Distance and blended learning continue to be actively used around the world. And if, at first, we treated them with apprehension, now a lot has changed. And it has become a real trend.

Teachers have moved from simple video lectures to more effective formats that provide active interaction of participants in the educational process. Moreover, schools more often use various online platforms for education, Internet resources and applications. 

Soft skills

Employers are increasingly paying attention to so-called soft skills, in particular:

Therefore, if a teacher wants to raise students to be successful, it is necessary to develop soft skills actively. In the future, the most valuable employees will not be those who once learned a lot but those who can adapt effectively to new conditions, learn throughout life, and find non-standard solutions.

Storytelling and visualization

In today’s world, it’s pretty tricky for students to concentrate and hold their attention for long periods. And this problem is faced by educators around the globe. But that doesn’t mean that nothing should be done about it.

The attention of the Zoomers is not easy, but real, and that’s where storytelling comes in. A full-fledged plot, intrigue, vivid visuals, and brilliant monologues of the teacher. So you have to try hard to keep your students’ attention.

Virtual and augmented reality

This is one of the most interesting educational trends, completely changing the idea of the educational process. Virtual and augmented reality allows you to add game elements and interactivity to the learning process, making it more visual and, undoubtedly, more interesting.

Thanks to virtual and augmented reality, teachers get an excellent opportunity to present complicated theories and, interestingly, motivate students to learn and make lessons more engaging. And even a single smartphone is enough for that.


Gamification of learning is in trend again. Game mechanics motivate students to do their homework, pass the study tests, understand complex topics, and orientate themselves better in the studied material.

In what lessons would gamification be appropriate? Any kind of lessons. Foreign teachers recommend mastering the basics of financial literacy and developing critical thinking in a game format.

Artificial Intelligence

This is one of the most popular trends. Artificial intelligence will help to personalize the learning process, create individual educational trajectories, assess students’ competence, and so on.

It will help make the learning process interactive and safe. However, do not worry that artificial intelligence will soon replace teachers. If it does happen, it will be many years before it does

Asynchronous learning

It is a wonderful approach that gives both students and teachers more freedom, especially in the distance and blended learning settings. Asynchronous mode allows students to work on learning tasks at their own pace.

There is no need to try to catch up with the class. You can calmly pay more attention to the topic, which is problematic. However, asynchronous learning is impossible without self-discipline and time management skills, so it is not suitable for all students.

So, 2022 brings many opportunities and prospects for teachers and learning. We’re sure it will be interesting, so we’ll see!