7 Signs You Need to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Every year, Americans spend $40 billion on speed-related car crashes. From damages to medical care to compensation, the costs add up.

When you’re involved in a serious accident, things can get out of your control quickly. Your priority should be your own health – not worrying about protecting your financial interests.

A personal injury attorney can help you navigate the complicated aftermath of a car accident. In fact, there are several circumstances in which hiring a lawyer after an accident is in your best interest. If you have been involved in an accident, get in touch with Vaziri Law Group and get your case properly filed.

Keep reading to learn the seven signs you need to hire a personal injury attorney, and also learn a bit more about accident law.

What Does a Personal Injury Attorney Do?

A personal injury attorney’s job is to protect the rights of their client. A good lawyer will go above and beyond to make sure their clients get the legal advice they need and the outcomes they deserve.

Allow You to Focus on Recovery

While you focus on healing, your personal injury attorney will focus on protecting your legal interests.

Lawyers act like a barrier between you and the legal process. They deal with insurance companies, law enforcement, and investigators so you don’t have to.

Investigate Your Case

The process of negotiating a settlement or preparing for trial involves investigating the accident that occurred.

Your personal injury attorney will gather evidence like photos of the scene, medical records, and police reports. They will also track down and interview witnesses to the accident.

Negotiate Settlements

A good personal injury attorney will assist their clients in getting compensation for their injuries that is fair and just. They will advise you on the best steps to take in negotiating a good settlement.

In the event an insurance company refuses to offer a reasonable settlement, your personal injury lawyer will be prepared to pursue your case in court.

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7 Reasons You Need To Consider Hiring an Attorney

Not every accident or injury requires that an attorney get involved. But in the following situations, hiring a personal injury attorney isn’t just a good idea, it’s vital to your well-being.

1. You’ve Suffered a Significant injury

In the aftermath of an accident, it’s not uncommon for an injured person to think they’re fine when they aren’t. Even a minor accident can cause severe injuries that are difficult to notice right away.

Broken ribs collapsed lungs, and organ damage is just a few examples of car accident injuries that can have latent symptoms.

When minor injuries occur, it’s very likely the at-fault party’s insurance will cover the costs. But when severe injuries occur, their insurance may only compensate you for a portion of your medical costs.

This is because insurance policies have limits to help them avoid paying more than they have to. Your personal injury lawyer will assist you in getting the compensation you deserve.

That way you don’t end up taking on a mountain of medical bills and rehabilitation costs on your own.

2. You Are Experiencing a Temporary or Permanent Disability

Some accidents result in conditions that require long-term treatment. Treating temporary and permanent disabilities is very costly. But insurance companies often refuse to pay for all of a victim’s medical costs.

Your personal injury lawyer will find out whether you are entitled to better compensation for your injuries. When an accident causes long-term pain and suffering, you should be compensated for it.

3. Insurance Low-Balled or Denied Your Claim

Most insurance companies make every effort to avoid paying out more claims than they have to. They also try to offer the lowest compensation possible.

Insurance companies aren’t looking out for your best interest. Their goal is always to save themselves money. Negotiating with insurance companies is nearly impossible if you try to do it alone.

Your personal injury lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. They are experienced in handling these kinds of negotiations. That way you get the best possible outcome without the stress.

4. You Aren’t Receiving Payment for Lost Wages

Providing for yourself or a family can be a major challenge after a significant injury. If your injuries prevent you from working, you may be entitled to lost wages.

In some cases, insurance companies refuse to cover lost wages. Your personal injury attorney will help you get the compensation you need to pay your bills and keep yourself financially afloat.

5. You Were Injured By a Drunk Driver

California is a no-fault state. Still, when someone gets into an accident while driving under the influence, it is likely they are automatically liable. If the person who injured you was drunk driving, it’s important to hire a lawyer.

A personal injury lawyer will improve your chances of proving the fault lies with the other driver. This will make it easier to get a good outcome and the compensation you deserve.

6. Your Loved One Was Killed in an Accident

In the event of a fatal accident, it’s important to gather and preserve evidence right away. Your personal injury lawyer will be an expert in making sure the crime scene gets investigated properly.

They will track down and interview witnesses, request medical evidence, and help you file a wrongful death lawsuit. An attorney will also help to maximize your compensation for your loss, pain, and suffering.

7. Liability For the Accident Is Unclear

It’s especially crucial to hire a personal injury attorney when it is unclear who is liable for the accident. In this situation, time is of the essence and evidence is key.

A personal injury attorney will get to work right away to protect your rights, gather evidence, and ensure a positive outcome for you.

More About Car Accident Law

Unfortunate accidents happen every day. With the help of a personal injury attorney, you don’t have to suffer more than necessary.

Hiring an attorney will improve your chances of getting the compensation you require to heal from your injuries without getting into financial distress.