A Guide on Office Sustainability

As the planet faces major environmental concerns such as global warming, more people are making green-conscious decisions. This is also the case with companies and offices as more consumers choose to buy from green-conscious brands, therefore, affecting sales directly. To be more environmentally friendly, here are tips to keep your office sustainable.

Do Away with Plastic

It’s amazing the lengths people go to just to avoid washing mugs and plates, hence using disposable options. Offices should completely do away with disposable plastic options. Instead, go for reusable water bottles and mugs for coffee. Create a culture where everyone in the office strives to maintain this.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

This is probably an obvious one, but most people never follow through with it. Ensure the availability of recycling bins around the office and encourage recycling items such as cardboards, aluminium cans, newspapers, and magazines. The office can also strive to reduce litter by introducing litter-free lunches. To do this, office employees can each have Tupperware and reduce the need to use paper bags to carry lunch.

Use Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

Offices should opt for non-toxic cleaning products in order to reduce pollution. Offices should partner with companies that provide such products. This not only reduces pollution but also helps to grow companies that are going green.

Go Paperless

Going paperless is among the most effective ways of reducing pollution. Strive to have a paper usage limit for your office functions. Encourage the use of file formats that can be shared to reduce the need for printing. With the improvement of mobile apps and biometric registrations, offices should opt for digital options. Offices no longer need to have a sign-in sheet, leave notes, or visitor badges. Notable companies that have taken the green initiative seriously are the online casinos by going paperless in their services. By making their gaming all online, there is no wasted betting stubs or anything like that.

Become Energy Efficient.

There are several ways to become energy efficient around the office. First, you can begin by changing fluorescent bulbs and opting for LED bulbs. Choose energy-efficient appliances around the office. Employees also have to build a habit of conserving energy by switching off electronics that are not in use, such as computers and printers.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Finding the ideal office temperature that suits everybody is an uphill task. However, the office should limit cooling and heating when necessary. The use of smart thermostats is a good idea because it automatically turns off when no one is around or when the ideal temperature is achieved.

Add Indoor Plants

Indoor plants not only make your office attractive but also clean the air in closed spaces. These plants remove pollutants such as carbon dioxide from your space by converting it to oxygen. Apart from that, they boost the office mood and increase creativity in the workplace.

Reward Employees who use Green Mobility

The number of gas emissions released into the environment increases twice when people opt for personal cars. Encourage employees to opt for public means such as buses or trains.

You can create incentives for employees who use the most eco-friendly means of commuting, such as cycling or walking.