Are Incentive App Installs Important To Your Application?

Mobile application promotion is a set of important components, one of those is incentive app installs.  But despite this, many application owners are wondering if they are important to us?  We can say that incentive app installs are important. 

Keyword installs bring the best conversion. But they are not possible without the indexed keywords by which they are performed. So first, you need to create a keyword cloud. Identify the features of your application, its theme. Try writing it in a few words.  For example, if your program is on the topic of “cars”, the words that describe it can be “car”, “driver”, “race”.  You need to expand the cloud of keywords by creating combinations – “noun + noun”, “noun + verb”, “noun + adjective”.  Don’t limit your keyword cloud to 20 or 50 words.  Not everyone will be useful to you, so it is better to have a large choice.  Analyze competitors’ applications if you run out of ideas.  Pay attention to their descriptions and reviews. There the most relevant keywords are often used.  Analyzing competitors will help determine what brings the conversion.

You can buy keyword installs if you have indexed keywords. This can be achieved through incentive app installs.  Only real people can do that.  They look for your program and download it. Bots do not do this because they find applications for indexed keywords. Іncentive app installs make your application visible. Once your app is visible, you can order keyword installs. This includes a few simple actions: special users enter a keyword in the search box, find your program, download it, and perform some actions in the application. This behavior is considered as an install and the algorithm lists your rating.

So, if you have indexed words, you can immediately start to buy keyword installs. But if not, then incentive app installs are the best way to solve this problem.