Bulk Text Message Service: How wise to spend money on mass messaging

Bulk text messaging is a tool for personal and business communication. Bulk text message service is used in the business environment for secure, fast and direct delivery of a significant number of sms messages at one time, to mobile devices to customers around the world, at:

  • conducting contests;
  • marketing campaigns;
  • promotions or events.

Because of its many benefits, bulk sms are an effective and exceptional way to inform your target audience in real time.

The benefits of mass mailings

Bulk text message service has various advantages.

The high effectiveness of this marketing tool combined with the low cost of

This is due to the high open rate of short text messages (the rate is about 95%). On the practical side, this means that when such a message is received, it will be opened and read by almost 100% of users. For companies using bulk text message service, this means that the chances of attracting customers to a particular offer, to increase sales, are much higher.

Getting almost instant results

It takes only a few seconds to deliver messages to recipients (from the moment you press “send” until the message is delivered to your cell phone). This allows:

  • inform the target audience about offers that last only a few hours;
  • conduct advertising campaigns at the last minute.

The use of mass sms, guarantees delivery of advertising messages in the shortest possible time. The short time interval between sending and receiving the message has another advantage – almost instant evaluation of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, prompt changes if something does not go according to the planned scenario. This is ensured by the available statistics, which allow you to track customer reactions to the offer on an ongoing basis.

Ensuring positive relationships with purchase-oriented customers

Personal mobile numbers are reluctantly communicated to unauthorized companies, with which daily or just frequent cooperation is not expected. Advertising messages are not sent to random people, but to customers who have a positive attitude towards a particular company, who buy goods or services from it. And this is the key to the success of the entire campaign, increasing the level of sales.

By sending regular sms-messages the company has more chances to create a positive image of the brand that cares about customers, to be remembered by clients.

In which areas mass mailings are used

Campaigns can be used in different spheres – informational, entertainment. Bulk sms service provider offers different business structures to use the service. Among the most popular examples:

  1. Banking services. Here clients are constantly informed about debiting cards, new services, promotions, special offers from financial institutions, and many other issues.
  2. Trade sphere. Clients are informed about seasonal discounts for goods/services, special offers, which helps to attract new clients and increase profits. Especially popular is bulk sms service provider for online sales outlets.
  3. The insurance industry. Customers are informed by sms about contract renewal deadlines, transfer of funds to the account, and new services.

Calculating the cost of mass mailings

The main components of calculating the cost of sending mass text messages include:

  • business specifics;
  • target audience;
  • geography of the mailing (region, city, country);
  • type of advertising;
  • the amount of traffic;
  • the choice of platform for mass mailing.

HLR and MNP services

Special services are used to identify the affiliation to a particular operator, the validity of numbers.

        MNP Lookup. This system allows the subscriber to keep his own phone number if he wants to use more favorable tariffs of other mobile operators. In other words Mobile Number Portability is the transfer of an existing subscriber from one operator to another. This technology is characterized by a close connection with HLR, due to which all companies that send sms have a benefit.

        HLR. Using this technology provides cleaning of the customer base from numbers that have been out of network for a long time, showing information about the subscriber’s location (roaming or not).