Check your Maturity Amount with an FD Calculator

A fixed deposit is a good way by which you can invest your money, for a stipulated period, after which you earn a cumulative return called a maturity amount. Depending on the rate of interest you get, your maturity amount will be decided. 

What is a Fixed Deposit Calculator? 

An FD or a fixed deposit is chosen with a fixed FD rate of interest, determining your return on investment. You may choose an FD tenure (investment period), and payouts of interest may be periodic or cumulative. Giving you guaranteed returns, any FD maturity amount can be computed with a FD calculator. You can use a free FD Calculator to find out amounts accrued on maturity of an FD investment at Finserv MARKETS. The calculator is an online way to check maturity amounts. 

Why is an FD Calculator Important? 

Many banks and NBFCs offer FDs with different interest rates and tenures. Therefore, with so many varied fixed deposit products, you would want to select one that offers you the best returns on your investment, depending on investment amount and tenure. You may also wish to opt for a range of interest payouts, from monthly to cumulative. By using an FD calculator, you can calculate your payouts and what your returns from FDs will be at maturity. In this way, you can compare FDs from different institutions. 

How Does an FD Calculator Work?

You will have to enter the following details online, in steps, to know your FD return on maturity:  

  1. Enter the date of your FD’s commencement, and fill in tenure, FD amount and interest payout frequency.
  2. Enter the rate of interest you get annually
  3. After you submit the details, the fixed deposit calculator will calculate the amount earned at maturity. You can see this amount as well as the amount of your investment. 

Finally Choose the Best FD

Get your best FD as you make your way to Finserv MARKETS and calculate your FD maturity with a free FD calculator. Be prepared before you choose an FD that earns you the most.