Digital Transformation is All about Talent and Not Technology

One of the most obvious consequences of this pandemic is the fact that data-enabled services are going to be infused more than ever and it is going to have a huge impact on organisations overall. Contrary to popular belief, digital transformation really is not about technology. Instead, it’s more about people. You can buy any technology you want but your ability to adapt to an even better future will depend on the next generation of skills and the future-proofing of potential.


Put People First

Technology is all about doing more, by using less. Communication is only really effective if you put it with the right human skills. Technological disruption has led to automation and outdated jobs have also been eliminated too. This is one of the many reasons why innovation is described as being creative destruction. If human adaptability can be upskilled and if you are able to augment humans and tech then it’s very easy to see why innovation is essential. It does become less relevant if the human mind isn’t able to team up with tech. Take the casino industry for example, the online sector has boomed over the last decade. Look at sites such as NetBet India, they have an online user base and this is because people want to be able to play games digitally. This just goes to show that tech is only useful if people are able to embrace it.

Focus on Soft Skills

When you look at the cybersecurity market, you will see that the recruitment sector is thriving. Everyone is after a cybersecurity analysis and people want to be able to team up with data scientists too. Higher education is usually playing catchup because there is always a talent surplus. The best way for you to make your organisation much more data-centric would be for you to invest in those who are adaptable and curious. Nobody knows what the future holds right now, but it’s safe to say that hard skills are now in demand and that it’s important to focus on those who are going to develop them.

Drive Change

It’s vital that change is driven from the top. The idea of grassroots change is romantic and intuitive but when you look at the reality, you will soon see that change is more likely to happen if you drive it from the top down. This does not mean that you need to embrace a hierarchical structure, but it does mean that more needs to be done to try and make sure that positive impacts are made from the top as well as the bottom. If this is not done, then it could make it more difficult for the future and this is the last thing that people need. If you want to find out more about this then simply look into the options that are available and then embrace it. When you do, you will soon find that it is easier than ever to guarantee a good result for your business.