How to earn your Fair Share of ‘Dollars’ in today’s Sharing Economy

In the past, people had few options when it came to earning supplementary income. While gambling is still very much alive and its future looks bright, today, there are many more ways in which you can earn yourself some extra cash by simply participating in ‘Sharing Economy’. Sharing Economy is basically a model in which you share whatever you have with anyone in need of it and in return you earn some bucks. If you want to be a participant in the Sharing Economy, then you need to engage in one or more of the following.


Sharing Your Home

One of the most common ways to join the Sharing Economy is by simply sharing your home with other people for short periods of time. Normally, the people you will be sharing your home with tourists visiting your city for a few days or weeks or they may be business persons travelling on business trips. You have the freedom to decide the terms on which you want to share your home. You can co-habit i.e. live with them sharing almost everything from the kitchen and living room (apart of course from the bedroom). Sites such as Airbnb makes it easy for you to list your home and attract customers.

Sharing Your Car

It’s possible also to share your car with others. Sharing your car, in general, comes in two forms. First, you can do it in the sense of renting it out i.e. giving someone the permission to use your car for a few hours or days and in return, you receive some cash. Sites such as RelayRides facilitate such arrangements. Secondly, you can share your car in a way like you are operating a taxi i.e. you will drive people from one place to another. Companies such as Uber facilitate such arrangements.

Sharing Your Skills

Suppose you took a long vacation and you are now struggling to keep yourself occupied during the day, it’s possible actually to share your skills with other people who might need them. It does not really matter what your area of specialisation is, there is somebody out there looking for that exact same skill so there is always something for you to do. Sites such as Task Rabbit connect people with skills and those looking for a particular set of skills.

Sharing Your Bike

Don’t have a car? Worry not because you can join in the Sharing Economy by simply renting out your bike for a few hours or so. Many people search for bikes to rent for different reasons, some are looking to learn how to ride bicycles, and some just want to ride for fun while others ride bicycles as part of their exercise routines. With your bike, you can make some cool extra bucks by simply joining sites such as Liquid and letting the world know that you have a bike for rental.