Essential Hints and Tips on How to Make Your Office Move Smooth and Stress-Free

Every once in a while, you’ll need to change offices. It can be because your company has grown so fast that you need a new space; it can be because you need to change offices because of some other reasons. How well you prepare for such move will determine the time and money it will cost to transport your furniture to your new office. Packing the items of an entire office can be overwhelming especially when you are doing it yourself. If this is too much trouble for you, consider hiring professional movers like Mayflower.


Below we have prepared some tips to help make your office move smooth and stress-free.

Get organized

Moving involves a lot of things from hiring packers to hiring movers and canceling leases. There can be a lot of paperwork and information to keep on track. It is important to create a moving binder to ensure that you have a landing zone for all the things related to the move.

Do your research

Research about the new location as much as possible before you move to save yourself weeks of stress and chaos. Investigate nearby eating options for your staff, ATMs, gyms, and other services at the new office location among others. This will smooth the transition for all once you arrive at your new office.

Ask for help

Moving is very exhausting and time-consuming. Three is a lot of work to be done with packing, loading, and unloading. It is worth calling in favors because many hands make light work. If you can, consider hiring professional movers such as Transport Executive for a stress-free and successful move.

Prepare weeks in advance

Start organizing and purging a few weeks before the day of the move. Get rid of unwanted items using Craigslist and garage sales. It can also come in as a valuable source of revenue — you can make your company a handy profit by selling off things you no longer need, like office furniture, stationary, and the like.

Disassemble unstable furniture

It is important that you disassemble the unstable furniture pieces depending on how your stuff is being transported and how far you are moving. This will reduce the likelihood of your furniture breaking during the transportation.

Keep track of hardware

One of our best tips is to use packing tape and Ziploc bags to attach hardware to whatever you are disassembling. Keep everything together while it is simply the screws that attach a shelf to the wall or a full piece of furniture. This does not only make it easier to put the furniture and the office back together but also keeps you from losing hardware.

Label boxes

Take the time to label the boxes well. When boxes are poorly labeled, it can be frustrating to set up your office in the new location. Ensure to use a clear description of the content of the boxes when labeling them. You can organize or sort the boxes by room using tape, stickers, or color-coded markers.

Use the right materials

Whether or not your items arrive intact depends on the quality of the packing materials you use. Invest in special paper and boxes for transportation if you have fragile items. Use blankets or a plastic wrap to wrap the furniture especially the painted furniture to prevent scratches and nicks.

If you are feeling a bit daunted by the idea of packing your stuff for a move, consider the tips outlined in this article to ensure that you have a smooth and stress-free move. For those who can afford it, hiring a professional mover is always a good option. It can even be cheaper than doing it yourself because they know how to handle delicate elements.