Everything You Need to Know About B2B Event Marketing

B2B event marketing is designed to promote a brand, product or service through in-person or virtual interactions. The desired result of in-person interactions is increased brand awareness, customer retention, lead generation and sales growth. Events can take place either in-person or online, and your company can either attend, host or participate in an event as a sponsor. If you believe that your company would benefit from hosting a B2B event, we recommend enlisting help from an experienced London event company to ensure your B2B event is a resounding success.

Types of B2B Events

There are several types of B2B events that you and your colleagues can host or attend to boost your company’s profile and increase sales and brand awareness, including but not limited to conferences, product launches, webinars, networking events and award shows.


At a conference, businesses and individuals from a particular industry will meet to discuss and explore the field to widen their horizons. Conferences have several benefits for attendees. For example, they allow you to network with individuals in your field whom you might not interact with regularly. 

Additionally, a conference packed with influential speakers, alternative viewpoints and engaging workshops will help you improve your knowledge and skillset, which, in turn, will help you further your career. Finally, hosting a conference has some excellent long-term benefits, such as raising your company’s profile in the industry and revenue generation. 

Product Launches

When you want to generate buzz around a new product, the best course of action is to host a product launch event. Event attendees typically include members of the press, industry-specific influencers, analysts and prospective clients—anyone who is likely to discuss your product to increase awareness.


In the past, B2B event marketing consisted of only in-person events. However, as technology developed and the pandemic accelerated reliance on all things digital, more events are being hosted online, such as webinars. Hosting a webinar is a cost-effective way to reach a wider audience, boost brand awareness, generate new leads and position your organisation as an expert in the field.

Networking Events

In the world of B2B, sometimes it is who you know, not what you know. As a result, hosting and attending B2B networking events is essential. Furthermore, hosting a networking event costs considerably less than a conference and requires less planning. Networking events strengthen business connections, raise your profile as an individual and as part of your company, help you gain more knowledge, and explore different perspectives about your field. 

Award Shows

Attending or hosting an awards show is a great way to recognise the achievements of individuals and companies in your industry. Being nominated for an award will help raise a company’s profile. Additionally, attending the awards show provides an excellent opportunity to network with others in the industry and form new business connections.

The Main Benefits of B2B Event Marketing

B2B event marketing, when done correctly, increases the likelihood that a company will be successful for several reasons:

Generates new business

B2B events generate new business. More companies are choosing to invest in B2B events such as conferences, networking events and webinars because they help the bottom line. One survey found that 83 per cent of brands say that B2B event marketing has consistently increased sales.

Boosts brand awareness

Another key benefit of B2B event marketing is that it boosts brand awareness. For example, one survey found that over 60 per cent of event marketers stated that the main reason for hosting an event was to increase brand awareness. By having a physical presence at an event, you increase the likelihood that your business will be noticed and remembered. 

Establishes your company as an industry leader

Hosting a B2B event will also help to establish your company as an industry leader. By bringing together influential members of your industry, either at a conference, trade show, webinar or an awards show, you give the impression that your company is an expert in the field. This, in turn, will increase brand awareness, credibility and trust in your company.

Increases customer engagement

One of the main benefits of events such as conferences and networking events is to engage with current and prospective customers. By providing event attendees with relevant, engaging content and insightful discussions, and by building excitement around your organisation, you engage more customers. Furthermore, personal interactions at these events are invaluable—they help to build brand loyalty and will make your organisation feel more human. 

In Summary

B2B Event Marketing should be a priority for your organisation, whether in the form of a conference, product launch event, webinar, award show or networking event. If your organisation’s goal is to increase brand awareness, generate leads, engage with current and prospective customers and establish the brand as an industry leader, you should consider hosting a B2B event.