A Growing Opportunity For Startups

Around the world the green light is now being given for businesses to open up so long as they follow guidelines and restrictions that may be laid out – as these businesses do re-open, however, we will begin to see the full impact of the coronavirus and how it has changed the operations of many businesses. We will start to see those who have succeeded and have come through the other side even with some battle scars, but more importantly we will be able to see the ones who haven’t been able to keep going and will unfortunately have to close their doors for good.

This does provide a lot of opportunities for new startups, however, and these startups may be able to operate in a completely different way that the competition before them did – some of the opportunities come through changing ways of working through remote working for example, which has further reaching implications than just having workers not in the office, it allows startup business owners to save on premises and hardware costs, it allows a new business to structure itself around these changing business practices, and also allows these startups to push these changes for the future – just one of many examples that are available. It may provide a leg up when getting started as it removes some of the aspects that a new business owner may need to worry about, and if there are gaps in the market they will certainly quickly be filled.


Similar has been seen for new brands popping up in other sectors – one of these has been within mobile gaming in particular as sports betting hit a record low as events remained cancelled or postponed until very recently, these new brands have been popping up despite restrictive changes too that made it hard for these services to appear, through advertising restrictions to regulation changes in schemes such as gamstop which are designed to reduce the number of players who can participate, but these newer sites have been registered away from the scheme and you can find these casinos and non gamstop betting sites at Max which show how despite the pandemic these newer brands and startups can definitely succeed.

For now, only time can tell just how successful these new businesses may be – we’re just now coming out of the worst of the pandemic but it already seems that there are early signs of a second wave spreading which may cause further delays, but once that passes we’re likely to see the new numbers popping up in rapid succession toward the holiday period and we’ll quickly see whether or not that can succeed in a recovering and competitive market – if you are still on the fence, now may be the best time to do your research to see what sort of shape your potential competitors are in, but to also take advantage of the reduced cost for marketing and advertising or reduced startup costs that may only be a temporary option.