Should You Hire A Lawyer To File A Veteran Disability Claim? 

A lot of us have heard about the speculations and stories about the horrors veteranshave to face in order to survive. Apart from that, just like everyone else, they get into problems while trying to get benefitsfrom the Department of Veteran Affairs to live a normal life. Many people suggest contacting Veterans Disability Lawyers at The Sawaya Law Firm before dealing with the department and authorities. They help file the claim with complete assistance. 

The reason is, there are extremely complicated and in-depth rules and regulations one must know before combat and that is why it is necessary to hire a lawyer. But, people get into confusion with a few questions such as how to select a lawyer, how much they charge, why is it important for me to hire one, and so on. 

In this article, we will help our readers find answers to those questions. 


Is A Lawyer Necessary When Dealing With VA? 

Although, it is certainly a personal choice whether a person requires a representative or a lawyer for assistance, help, and information. However, there are several things they must know before a VA claim. 

A good lawyer, along with their knowledge and experience, can help a client get better results from the filed claim. Usually, disability claims by veterans get denied or are not presented at a higher rate than other claims. This is another good reason why a lawyer must be contacted in order to help with the case to proceed further. 

Also, the current laws of the state do not allow a lawyer to charge a fee for any assistance in filing initial claims for the benefits of veterans’ disability. This means the lawyer can only charge the client once they start helping them with the further challenges of the case where decisions are needed to be made along with ensuring to stick to them. 

In addition, lawyers do assist with filing the claim initially, but they don’t work for free. Reputable lawyers will not charge you for helping. Those who do, break the law. So, most likely, it is considered that experienced and reputable lawyers, like the Colorado Springs Veterans Disability Lawyers, will not take up the case until it is filed with the disability compensation.   

How To Choose A Lawyer?

As mentioned above, a lawyer must be experienced in order to know about the VA claim rules along with knowing how to represent their clients’ interests. So how can an individual decide if their lawyer is well-educated and well-taught? These are some of the questions that must be asked to the attorney. 

  1. Are you an authorized and practicing VA attorney?
  2. For how long you’ve been practicing the law of veterans? 
  3. When was the last time you attended the veteran’s law training?
  4. Are you admitted to represent a client in the Court of Appeals for Veterans? 
  5. How was your last case in the Court of Appeals for Veterans? 

How Much A Lawyer Charge? 

The charges of the services of lawyers vary, however, the law allows them to charge between 20% to 30% for handling a lawsuit.