How a Grammar Checker Can Improve Your Business Writing

You’re a talented marketer. You know your product better than anyone and you know how to run your business. Do you really need to check your grammar? My vote as a writer who knows grammar is a solid “yes,”. I’ll explain why in this article and more.

Why Should You Use a Grammar Checker?

Running your work through a thorough grammar checker is good business. Your audience forms an impression of your brand and product through your writing about that brand and product.

ProWritingAid is a great example of a thorough grammar checker that can strengthen that audience impression. It’s designed to find more than obvious errors in your work, giving suggestions to make your work error free and reader friendly.  

Work that has careless errors, typos, or misspellings is a turnoff. Why should an audience believe you’ll put any more care into your product or service than you do into your communication? You should never lose customers to grammatical mistakes!

Eliminate Errors to Improve Readability

Errors distract audiences. When your work is error free, your reader focuses on what you want them to: your content—and your product! Imagine admiring your freshly painted, dark blue living room wall. Then you notice a tiny flaw—one drop of white paint in a top corner. That’s all you’ll see now. A grammar checker can’t help your wall, but it can remove flaws from your writing, giving it a perfect final coat of “grammar paint” to keep the message front and center.

Perfect Grammar Prevents Miscommunication

Miscommunication in a TV sitcom is funny—hijinks ensue! But hijinks are not the outcome you want from your business communications. There is no comedic ending when your product descriptions or costs are distorted by incorrect grammar or typos.

At “best” these errors will confuse your audience, turning them away from your product and brand. Your audience shouldn’t have to (and won’t) read your copy twice to understand the offer. They’ll move on to your better-phrased competition.  

Worse, your miscommunication may bring legal consequences if it misleads or includes false information. A grammar checker protects you from these accidental errors, saving you aggravation, financial loss, and legal problems. 

Clear communication that describes your product and its problem-solving attributes accurately brings positive outcomes: trust for your brand, as you deliver what you say you will, and product sales. 

Improve Productivity With Clear Communication

Of course, you also want productivity and efficiency within your business. For that to happen, you need to have productive, efficient communication with and among employees and colleagues. Precisely written guidelines for projects, strategies, and company policies ensure understanding and compliance. 

Error-free communication is a necessity, but you may be wondering why you need a grammar-checking program to achieve that goal. Why not just have a colleague proofread your work or use the built-in spelling and grammar checks from your word-processing program?

Does My Business Need a Grammar Checker?

Willing colleagues are great—but do they have the expertise needed to make your work perfect and legally secure? Can they find every missing or misplaced comma? If you don’t think a comma can cost you money, read what happened to Oakhurst Dairy!

The built-in grammar and spell checkers in most word-processing programs are helpful, but they aren’t nearly as thorough as a grammar-checking program.

The takeaway here is simple: grammatically accurate work is better for business, and a comprehensive grammar checker is the best way to achieve that accuracy.