How Technology Can Help Your Company Go Green

These days, almost everyone is striving to go green, including businesses both big and small. The question is, how can you get on board? Luckily, technology has made it possible for all businesses to do so without altering too much of the company’s processes. If you’re the manager of a company looking for ways to become more sustainable, here’s how technology can help. 

Fleet Tracking 

Vehicles emit tons of carbon dioxide each year, contributing to a lot of the world’s pollution. If your business has a fleet of vehicles, whether that’s trucks, cars, or ships, it is up to you to ensure they produce as little pollution as possible. To make this easier, Geotab allows you to keep tabs on your company’s fleet, no matter where they are. That means you’ll see the exact routes and habits of your fleet, allowing you to reorganize it with the goal of efficiency and, in turn, less environmental impact. 

Smart Lights 

While businesses need artificial lights to function, many lights get left on when they are not in use. A simple solution would be to switch off every time you leave a room, but this can often be forgotten, especially if a company has multiple employers. Another easy solution is to install smart lights. That way, you can easily control which lights stay on and which ones switch off when people leave the room, reducing the amount of electricity you use. 

Solar Panels for Energy 

Solar panels are another option for reducing energy use. While it might be an expensive initial cost, it’ll decrease the company’s carbon footprint while saving money in the end. 

Payroll Software 

Far too many businesses rely on paper for their payroll when it can all be done online. Going completely paperless might seem like a distant dream, but with the right software, such as payroll software, you can greatly reduce the amount of paper waste in the office. Plus, you’ll save lots of storage space! 

Remote Working 

In recent years, more and more employers have realized that a lot of work can be completed just as well from home. By employing more remote staff, you contribute to less traffic on the roads. Plus, you free up more space in the workplace for other uses. If you are concerned about lower productivity rates with remote workers, studies show that those who work from home are just as productive, if not more so, when they are in their own work environment.  

3D Printing 

If your company creates products, then you’re probably producing more waste than you should. 3D printing can help with this, as you won’t need to use as many raw materials to produce the same product. Not only does less waste help the environment, but it also ensures your costs are kept low.  

As you can see, it doesn’t take enormous company alterations to get on board with sustainability. By investing in some technologies, your business will soon be greener.