How to Expand Your Circle of Acquaintances During a Pandemic?

The 2020 year was extremely challenging due to the breakout of Covid-19 over the world. People were obliged to close themselves to their homes, being isolated from social communication. Even till now, some quarantine restrictions have been kept in many countries. It means people are still in distant interaction with their surroundings. The usual way of communication is no longer the norm.

Accordingly, the high-tech solutions became more useful than ever before: mobile phones, online communities, chat rooms, different social media platforms, emailing, and others you can meet here. Depending on the goal you stick to, there are various ways you can expand your circle of acquaintances during the pandemic.

  1. Plan outside meetings

Whether for work or not, it is recommended to arrange any meeting outside that prevents you from risk getting sick. Also, the distance between you and the interlocutor should be not less than 6 feet.

2. Care for people in your expanded circle

When planning to go out, some rules should be kept due to the quarantine restrictions. Besides, it is for your safety to get information about your family, friends, or colleagues’ health to understand your further actions. For example, if someone had symptoms related to coronavirus, you should take some days off isolation.

3. Avoid big gatherings

Despite outside meetings, you should avoid big circles of people. This will prevent any risk for everyone, and such type of gathering will be more productive and safe.

4. Travel

You can go out for a short trip. It will help rejuvenate and recharge your senses. Travel will not only expose you to new experiences, but new people — when you’re traveling, you’ll meet fellow travelers, locals, and many different kinds of people. This human contact will be a refreshing break from the dreariness of the pandemic, and who knows, you might also end up making friends for life.

5. Get in touch with your high school acquaintances

While it can be nice to make new acquaintances, why not rekindle connections with people you already know? As you start working and enter the workforce, your connections with your high school and college friends becomes becomes weaker and weaker. It might be a good idea to get in touch with them during the pandemic — message them on Facebook, get to know how they’re doing, and create an all new set of acquiatances.