How To Get Your Music To Perform Better On Soundcloud

Are you an upcoming artist? Do you have questions about how your music will survive in the competitive industry? Well, look no further. Everyday technology is making life easier and better. For artists, SoundCloud is the best market to share your music. It gives you a platform to showcase your talent as an artist and give your songs the recognition they deserve.

 Gone are the days of selling your DVDs on the streets and calling on people to get to listen to your music. Soundcloud has bridged the gap between artists and their fans by providing artists a platform to promote their music. Continue reading this article to discover different ways to increase your Soundcloud Likes to promote your music.

What is SoundCloud?

Soundcloud is an online application used for audio music services by users. The users can upload, share or promote their audio music using the SoundCloud service. SoundCloud is one of the most used applications to stream music worldwide, boasting over 175 million users with over 300 million audio.

SoundCloud has free sign-ups and paid memberships. Since its inception, SoundCloud has grown in popularity and usage since it allows its users to reach a wider fanbase with their music and audio tracks. It has become a good tool for audio distribution.

Reasons Why You Should Promote Your Music On Soundcloud

There are a ton of music-sharing platforms today, but choosing the best to boost your work may be a considerable task. Soundcloud is more preferred because of the following reasons:

1. Availability

Soundcloud is available for all users on their internet-enabled devices. Both web users and smartphone users can access the services of SoundCloud. With the ease of accessibility, it has enabled users to interact directly with artists. This engagement has proven to increase the quality of music given to the market.

2. Affordable

Using SoundCloud is so cheap. SoundCloud has a free version for those who cannot subscribe to the premium. With a free sign-up, the users will be forced to have ads popping up while using their services. Compared to the unlimited number of music uploaded in their library, it makes it so cost-effective to stream music. It also allows premium users to have offline streaming.

Why do you need to increase your popularity on Soundcloud

The music industry is very crowded, and your music, especially if you are a newbie, may not be able to compete among others. It would be best to have time and money to establish your brand to push your music. The number of Soundcloud Likes you get an indication of the direction your music is taking. 

 How to get more Soundcloud Likes

1. Create good music

Good music will promote itself. Once you put effort into creating good music, it will likely end up in the Soundcloud playlist. As an artist, strive to make great music that will have fans referring each other to listen to it. If you make bad music, you will need a lot of time trying to push it to the top. Ultimately the opinion of your audience is what matters. Whether you are new to music or an expert, good music will get you the Soundcloud Likes to deserve.

2. Understand user tastes

Not all kinds of music does well at all periods in time. The 70s, 80s and all subsequent decades have had very different music tastes, and people have appreciated different kinds of music. Analyse the trending billboards to see what kind of music is in vogue, and what kind of music people are currently enjoying. Try to create similar music that people will like and appreciate.

3. Be original

But even as you try to see what’s popular, don’t lose your individuality.

4. Buying Soundcloud Likes

With many online users searching through the multitude of songs available in the SoundCloud library, there is a big chance that new music or audio tracks from unknown or upcoming artists would never be streamed. In today’s world, the more streams, the more likely it is to get new clicks and streams. This necessitates for users to buy Soundcloud Likes.

SoundCloud will be the key to the gateway of fame. It also defines the genre of music of an artist, and this makes it easier to know which kind of music to produce. Buying Soundcloud Likes expands an artist’s fanbase without digging deeply to advertise and market their music.

5. Use other social media platforms.

You might not be where you want to be as a music artist on Soundcloud Likes, but that does not mean you stop trying. Use your other social media accounts like YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and Instagram to get people to follow you on Souncloud. Use other influencers to share your music with a much larger audience. Tell your followers to listen to your new music on Soundcloud.


 Soundcloud is an online platform where artists can share, stream and upload their music to promote it. It is available for different gadgets, mobile s tables, and even desktops. Artists no longer have to worry about where they will sell their music. As simple as creating an account with Soundcloud, artists can promote their music to get the recognition they need. The better an artist’s music is, the more likes they’ll get, and the more Soundcloud Likes an artist has, the more likely they get more plays.