How You Can Give Permanence To Your Digital Photos

Why do you need a special saver story and how it relates to your emotions

Living in the digital age, we spend a lot of time on social media. It’s hard for us to imagine our day without chatting with our friends or video calling with relatives. Also, social networks today are the “repositories” of our memories. We store photo and video materials on our accounts, view stories and pictures in direct.

However, with social media privacy policies, we do not have the ability to save the content you like. Apps just don’t have that feature. To do this, you need to use special services. For example, consider Toolzu. This story saver service allows you not only to download any content you like from Instagram (including photos, videos, stories), but will also give you the opportunity to fully save your favorite user profile.

Why is it important to be able to save content?

For a modern user, photos and videos from social networks are not just kilobytes of information, they are something more. These are your memories, feelings and emotions that happened to you before.

Memories are a part of our life. Sometimes our consciousness itself “throws” us the necessary record of a moment from our life. How nice it is sometimes to remember, for example, the first kiss, the first date, or some other exciting event in life. Without memories, we would not know how our grandparents lived. Without them, we would not know what happened on our land in antiquity – after all, all historical records are also the memories of some people. And without them, our children will never know what happened in our youth, how mom and dad met and what happened after. It turns out that memories are also a necessity for future generations? Everything that our ancestors have learned is transmitted precisely with the memories voiced by them.

To preserve our memories, we use photographs, video cassettes, and even create entire albums. However, in the 21st century, the need for material carriers has simply disappeared. Now you only need a couple of seconds and a smartphone to create your album. When, as before, it was necessary not only to find the album itself, but also to take a photo. At the same time, the material media themselves tend to wear out and get lost, and your photos will lie in some kind of cloud storage for as long as you need. That is why it is so important for us to have access to the ability to save your favorite photo or video. It can be a very valuable memory for us or just a beautiful photo. Irrelevant. The main thing is that you can save it to your smartphone.

Where can you also store saved content?

1. Save your photos to the free cloud

Cloud storage is one of the most convenient, cheap (free) and reliable ways to store data today. I’ll explain why.

The convenience of storing photos in this way is that by uploading files to the cloud, you can use them from anywhere. Conveniently? Certainly.

2. Record and store photos on an external USB drive.

Large volume and high speed recording, what could be better. Indeed, this method can be called one of the best options.

The files are stored on the hard drive of an external USB drive. At any time, they can be copied from the camera, moved to any place, connected to a computer and viewed.

3. Save the photo to a USB drive.

Save everything to a flash drive. For many, this way of storing data is the first thing that comes to mind. This is not the worst way, if there are not so many files, there is time to copy to a USB flash drive. At the same time, remember that large flash drives have low read-write speed and low reliability when re-accessing files.

4. Leaving photos on the memory card of a camera or smartphone is also an option.

If memory permits, then why not? Moreover, the Android or iOS operating system allows you to compress content on your smartphone, and upload high-quality photos to the cloud automatically. But be sure to make a copy somewhere else.


Using special applications and services (like Toolzu saver story) you can easily download and save the content you like.