Celebrate Your Life On Instagram. Here’s A Guide To Potray Your Life On Gram And Leave A Positive Impact

Would it not be nice to get birthday wishes from people all around the world? How about people commending you on the new skills that you have recently picked up? Would it not be lovely to share your life with others and get a celebrity-like exposure to everything you do?

The prospect sure seems lovely. A compliment or two on our life events can cheer us up, even on a cold day when nothing seems to go right. Furthermore, if you want to flaunt it, there is no better way to do it than to post your video on Instagram.

However, you must understand that everyone posts pictures of their videos of their activities on Instagram. You need to stay one step ahead and create better videos and do something special to leave a positive impact. The better your content, the more it will attract people.

If you are out of ideas of what you can post about your life, you can check the list below.

Killer Ideas To Portray Your Life As A Video On Instagram

Traveler Videos

If you like to hit the road on a moment’s notice or take a planned trip to another location, it can be your way of getting your life out to the viewers. 

People staying at home will tune in to watch you broadcast beautiful scenery, whereas other people who travel will follow you for new travel locations and destinations.

Hobby Videos

If you have picked up a hobby recently, such as painting or playing the flute, you can try that out as well. In the end, you can create quality content since you will be interested in the topic of your hobby. It can also enable you to track the progress and be a source of motivation through time.

Personal Hurdles

Everyone has some challenges that they need to overcome. For example, if you have just joined a gym, posting videos can help get motivation. It will help you push through the pain and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Special Days

Some days are special in your life, and you can create memories from these videos. You can also engage with viewers and make your own invitations, or an open call out for your birthday party, or create a buildup or buzz for the special day in your life. 

You may also post special days of your children, or pets, or show people a new way of parenting—whatever works for you.

Movement or Cause

Nothing can be more personal than standing up for something that you believe in. If you have a kind approach towards our future generations, many people will tune in to your videos. 

You may also celebrate the life of your pets or children in an education center or a hospital to help fund the cause.

Day in a Minute

It is a new concept but kicking steam in recent times. Since nobody has the time to watch you snore for two days (Similar videos have also been popular!), you can try to summarize the entire day’s activities in under a minute, highlighting only the major changes.

So, now that you have a central theme for your Instagram videos, it is all going to work out?

It turns out that may not necessarily be the case. Let us look at some of the tips that can help you gain an edge over other people posting their content. Here are a few classic pointers that can help you out.

What You Need To Focus On For Quality Instagram Videos

The following tips can help you create better Instagram friendly videos that can cause an uproar in the social media world.

Engaging Story

Get the audience hooked onto your video with a compelling story within the first few seconds. 

The more lively and engaging the content is, the more likely the viewers will share it with their peers, co-workers, and relatives. While you are creating an Instagram video, you are also a director telling a visual story to the audience.

Colour Composition

Instagram is highly color sensitive. Hence, make sure that the text matches the color of the overall video. A video editor can help you with it.

Get Motivation and Content Ideas

If you already have some content you plan on posting, think of why anyone would ever watch your content.

Whether you are posting food recipes or gym visits or sharing your everyday moments, you need to look at what the other content creators in your genre are doing. It is essential to learn why your videos are not cutting up to the mark.

Analyze Your Audience

If you are a bit older, you probably have a few hundred followers already. Make sure to post videos that appeal to these followers first. They are your ticket to a strong base of viewers. Hence, you need to understand what your audience group likes or dislikes.

Allow Interaction

Another golden rule is to allow the viewers to engage with you through polls or make invitations for life events like birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries. Let the audience connect with you to get a personal touch.

While these are ideas that can help, you need to record the video and edit it with an editing application. You can use the best Instagram video editor by Videocreek.com. It can help you with the following functions to take your video to the next level.


Whether you are celebrating an eventful birthday or going on an outing, the best Instagram editors have you covered with templates that are perfect for the occasion. Moreover, you can also find the perfect sounds to suit the video theme.

Color Correction

The video editor also comes with advanced features that allow you to set frames, add text, and other aspects to follow a color pattern that is visually appealing for your type of content.


You can also find advanced animation tools with the best Instagram video editors that add flavor to monotonous videos.

Quick Export

It is simple to create the video, and the best part is that you do not even have to download an application. You can access the editor from your browser, format your video for Instagram, and post it without ever downloading a single thing!


A lot of effort goes into making the perfect Instagram video, from finding a theme to developing the idea and shooting. However, the most crucial of them all is the final editing step. The best Instagram video editors can help you achieve a flawless video worthy of Instagram.