Ideas To Prepare Your Office For Disaster Management

We live in strange times. The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down; and each year there are major tornados, hurricanes, fires and tsunamis. While you protect your homes for such situations, it can also be important to protect your office. Natural disasters don’t give advance notice before they strike.

If a natural disaster strikes, it’s important that your office maintains its chain of communication. Here are some ideas to make sure your employees are connected if an emergency strikes when they’re in office.

CB Radios

CB radios are a good place to start when trying to ensure you’re prepared for a disaster. They are inexpensive and that means they can easily fit in your preparations budget. They also don’t require a license to operate and as long as you adhere to the rules you can be sure nobody will come knocking on your door to bother you with questions. They have a fairly wide range, which can reach up to 20 miles. 

CB Radio is extremely important because with it you can communicate between vehicles and also with people on base stations within long distances. This is also a very secure radio network. If you are in a survival situation and need to keep your location hidden this is the way to go.

Prepper Ham Radio

There are several upsides to having a ham radio for an office emergency. Ham radios have a wider range than CB radios. They also tend to have a better network of repeaters that can assist you with important information from around the world. Additionally, they have a broader range of reception and broadcasting, enabling you to listen to as well as talk on frequencies where vital communications will be taking place during an emergency. The main downside with ham radios is that they are more expensive than CB radios and you need a license to operate one. If you have a license, the FCC will definitely have you on their list and they will be monitoring you for any violations; like not identifying yourself every 10 minutes while broadcasting.

Imagine how stressful it can be to experience an unexpected disruption during an emergency situation and not be able to contact your loved ones or the emergency responders for help. It can be frightening, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little advance planning and the right kit, you can maintain vital communications in many situations when conventional communication tech fails.

If you are more mobile than other people who are trying to find you this would be a great way to communicate with them. HAM Radio is another great tool for your office to have. They work almost anywhere in the world, they are portable, have many different frequencies to choose from, and you can broadcast on more than one at the same time.

With these two radio options you will be able to keep in contact with people who may be out of your sight but not out of range of your communications.