The Importance of Conversion Rate Optimization In Internet Marketing

 As it happens in many industries, marketing has a language all of its own. You sometimes hear a phrase and you have no idea what it means, and this can be the case with Conversation Rate Optimization. Usually, this is abbreviated as CRO, and it is the practice of improving the rate of conversions from advertising campaigns and marketing by getting viewers to take action. It is measured by the number of successes, where a prospect takes the action you are requesting. This could be buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, redeeming a special offer, referring a friend, liking your page on social media, or one of many other things.

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Using an email campaign as an example, CRO would focus on getting the reader to click on a link to a landing page where they can buy a product or use a service. Improving the conversion rate of clickthrough in this way can have an advantageous effect on the sales of the business.

In marketing language, the word optimization is attached to many things, but this one is crucial for a successful advertising campaign.

What Skills Are Needed For CRO?

The key skills needed for CRO are web design, copywriting and the ability to understand analytics. These go hand in hand with CRO because most of the changes made relate to copy or design, and the information comes from the analysis of information results.

Of course, there are tools that can help marketers with CRO. For instance, at, the range of tools include ones that allow you to serve website variants to different segments of customers to see which ones perform best. They also have landing page management tools and website analytic tools, as well as many others. Being able to customize landing pages, product description, shipping carts, and any other part of a website to meet the specific needs of your viewers can be a very powerful driver for success.

The skills and CRO tools can help to improve marketing, advertising, sales and sometimes business practices, and this is why CRO is so important.

CRO And Testing

CRO and some form of marketing tend to be linked. While they have both always been used in advertising, in digital marketing they allow for speedy and inexpensive changes, the testing of those changes and immediate and easily measured results.

However, not all CRO changes are that quick, and nor are they all cheap. As an example, if CRO meant that a shopping cart or a landing page needed to be redesigned, this would be time-consuming and costly. However, it would be worth the effort and cost to get the results your business is looking for.

If you have spent a significant amount of money on display advertising to get prospects to visit a landing page, the principles of CRO will be used to improve the conversions of that page, This would result in more sales and a better return on your investment in the campaign.