Learning From the Best Online Companies Around the World

Thinking about founding your own startup? I am sure you are exploding with ideas of which services you can use to fill that specific market niche. While many find that to be the most fun, it is not the only strategic part of starting a new business. While a lot happens behind the scenes in terms of creating an office culture, or business hierarchy, there is also a lot you can learn just by visiting their websites. Especially when it comes to online companies, with the amount of people getting their first and even only impression from the web, it is a good idea to learn how to do this part from those who are doing it best! 

How to Find Examples

In order to learn from the best, you first have to know who the best are. Here are some tips for finding the best examples of companies in each industry based on their websites.

Read Reviews of Top Sites

When trying to learn from tech companies, we should only be learning from the best. Luckily, every sector has its experts who are out there reviewing sites for customers. There is a lot you can learn from these reviews, including the best examples, and what customers and reviewers are looking for when choosing the best ones.

One example would be the expert reviews found in this guide. You can tell these are expert reviews of online gambling sites for Arabic players because they look at site reputation, payment method, bonus offerings, and even customer service. This complete guide even covers the legality of online gambling in Arabic countries.  If you are looking for top examples in the betting sites industry, this guide will be perfect for you. 

Search Engines Are Your Friend

Another way to find the best examples within any sector is to do a simple online search. Just type your product or service into your preferred search engine, and many will pop up. This is a good representation of the best in the industry.

When we say best, we mean in terms of attracting the public and customers. While search engine results do not, necessarily, say anything about the quality of the products or services, it does tell us something about the success of their marketing team. There is something to learn from this aspect as well! 

What to Look For

Once you find the best examples, it is time to start diving into them. Here’s what to look for!

Site User Experience

This is something you inevitably investigate every site you visit. Even if you are not actively taking notes like you should be in this case, every time you open a website, you are exploring the user experience and layout. This will be either a frustrating or a pleasant experience. 

It also becomes even more important for ecommerce platforms. It should be easy to buy things on your website. After all, that is the main goal. Plus, we want customers to remember their shopping experience fondly, so that they will return. It is important that they can calmly browse the items and make a final decision. What makes the sites you visit easy or difficult to use?

Customer Service

Customer service is a key part of the user experience. When we say customer service, we refer to the team of employees or accessible information in the form of frequently asked questions that customers can use to solve issues or concerns. Many times, this will come in the form of a live chat directly on the website, while others use email or phone numbers.

Ask yourself which form is the best for you or your customers? If a customer cannot solve a problem, what is likely to be your consequence, if any?

Apple is an example of a company that really excels in customer service. Their representatives are both friendly and attentive. Even if your problem seems small, they will work with you to solve it because it is important to you. You can contact them via their Twitter account.

You may even want to contact customer service, so you can really get the experience. See if you get a robot or a real person and how quickly they solve your issue.